Fetch! Pet Care Inc. a Dayton-based professional dog walking and pet sitting service, bought two Alabama-based franchises, Barrett Business Solutions LLC — which operates a call center for the company — and Three Pups LLC, a holding company for 12 Fetch! locations around the country.

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1.13.2015 - Unleashed: Could your pets be sad?

Think the humans in your household are the only ones who can suffer winter doldrums? Psychology and veterinary professionals assert some pets also fall prey to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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1.13.2015 - Winter Pet Woes

An interview with Paul Mann, CEO Fetch! Pet Care talks about how to help your pets get through the winter blues!

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1.7.2015 - 4 ways to help your pet beat the cold weather blues

Like humans, pets can experience winder doldrums. Even those living in warmer weather regions are still affected by seasonal changes, which can be especially tough on dogs and cats—particularly those that are used to spending time outdoors.

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1.1.2015 - How to help a lonely pet

Pets that are left alone suffer from loneliness just like people do. Here are ways that you can help!

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