About Fetch Pet Care Northwest Bergen County

Meet the Owners

Hello! We are Ed and Janice and we own and manage Fetch! Pet Care of Northwest Bergen County. We are originally from Northwest Bergen county and have had pets most of our lives. We currently have two dogs of our own, Loki and Karli, and with our passion for animals we decided to open a Fetch! Franchise 15+ years ago. We provide loving pet sitting and dog walking services. We treat them like they are our own.

Meet the Team

Marketing Coordinator

Pet Care Coordinator

Our Company Values


We know how hard it is to find an experienced, reliable pet sitter. So we never want to do anything that will make you question our trust for a second. We’ll do our absolute best to be completely honest and transparent with you about our services and your pet’s care.


Life isn’t predictable. It happens fast. Sometimes, you might need to request last-minute care. Sometimes, you might need us to stay with your pet for an extra hour. Sometimes you might have to cancel services. We get it. We understand. We are reliable partners who go the extra mile to ensure your pet not only gets the care they need but is living the best life possible.


As pet owners ourselves, we understand how important reliability is in a pet care provider. We know your pet might not be able to wait an extra hour to go outside. We know you might not be able to find a backup provider last second. You need us to be there, giving your pet the best care possible, exactly when we say we will be. We know you expect this of us and we expect it of ourselves.

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