Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care O'Fallon

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

Dog Walking - $22

Having a hard time keeping up with your pet’s daily dog walk routine? Let us walk the walk for you! Our professional, loving dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friend, and take them on a walk during a 30, 45, or 60-minute visit.

In-Home Pet Sitting - $22

Need someone to check in on your pet while you’re away? One of our trusted sitters can stop by and make sure your pet gets all the food, water, exercise, and attention they need. To make sure you feel comfortable with one of our pet sitters coming and going from your home, you and your pet will have the opportunity to meet your sitter before you leave.

Puppy Program - $36

Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! The trouble is, this can also lead to torn shoes, random potty stains, and other bad habits! During their early months, good habits have to be learned. Your puppy needs consistency, routine, and attention. Not to worry! A dedicated Fetch! sitter will customize a feeding, and exercise schedule just for your pup.

Almost Over Night Care - $70

Need the perfect care for your pet AND your home? With our almost overnight care you can get both. Your trusted sitter will come to your home so your pet gets to stay in a space where they are comfortable. While there, the sitter will make sure your pet is fed, watered, exercised, and gets all of the attention, pets, and playtime they need. To ensure the security of your home, your sitter is the only Fetch staffer who will have access to your home and they will follow any specific security measures you deem appropriate.

In-Home Over Night Care - $90

With our In-Home Overnight Sitting your pet can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own home while you're away. Your sitter will come to your home in the early evening to feed, water, play and cuddle with your pet. The sitter will spend the night at your home and depart the next morning after approximately 12 hours of care. It's just like you were home! No extra charge for weekends. This service includes home care: watering plants, bringing in mail and newspaper, blind and light rotation for security purposes. This service includes 3 walks: Evening upon arrival, before they get tucked in and in the morning before the sitter departs.

Private Boarding - $70

Does your pet need a cozy, friendly home to stay at while you're out of town? With Private Boarding your pet will stay in the safety and comfort of a sitter's home. Drop off your pet, provide their food, treats and bedding, and we'll do the rest.

Pet Taxi - $22 each way

When your pet has errands of its own to run, call on our pet taxi services! We can transport your pet to all of their appointments. Whether you need your pet dropped off at the vet, groomer, airport, Grandma's, or for boarding, your pet will make it there on time and in comfort!

Yard Waste Clean-Up - $25

Tired of having to look where you step every time you walk through your yard? Let us help you walk through your yard with ease with our 30 minute yard waste service. Your shoes will thank us!

Pill Administration, Injections, Subcutaneous Shots and Fluids

Like us, many pets require prescribed medications in order to prevent, control or improve their health condition. Whether your pet has recently been recently spayed or neutered, diagnosed with an illness, or just needs its monthly heartworm medication, our sitters are available to make sure your pet gets their regular dose.

Wedding Services

Yes, people love having their dogs at their wedding! After all they're a big part of the family. We will have them there in time for the service and keep them occupied until it's their time to shine. We have them there for pictures then take them back home so everyone gets to enjoy the service.