Our Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care Orland Park to Frankfort

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet


Private Dog Walks

Our professional loving dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friend and take them on a private walk in your Orland Park, Tinley Park, Frankfort, New Lenox, Homer Glen, Oak Forest neighborhood using our GPS mapping app that includes notes, pictures, and updates with service!

Daily Dog Walking provides your pup with exercise, personal attention, affection and play. You can choose a 30, 45 or 60 minute visit.

Research shows that providing dogs adequate exercise helps relieve stress, separation anxiety, and they have an overall healthier social temperament. A walked dog is a happy dog.

Pet Visits -in your home

Being able to go on a vacation, a business trip can be tricky if you don’t have the proper preparations- that is where we can help. Our professional pet care providers come to your Orland Park to Frankfort suburbs home to maintain your pet’s schedule, care + comfort in their familiar environment!

Pet sitting visits are customized to best suit your pets, your instructions, wants + pets needs.

Did you want a little extra care before bed for your furkids? Check out our Almost overnight or Overnight options too!

Cat visits- in your home

Most cats do better within the comfort of their own home- with their favorite toys, spots, and even litter box. Your cat’s experience while you are away will be a relaxed and enjoyable alternative to a boarding or kennel facility. Our Cat Sitter service is designed to give you the highest level of peace of mind for you + your feline family.

Your kitty deserves the care you provide them daily, even while you are away. Daily check in’s are essential due to your kitties curious nature- accidents can happen- and we want to be able to help avoid no water, no food, litter box accidents or your pets stuck in places they should not be while you are away.

Pet sitting visits are customized to best suit your pets, your instructions, wants + pets needs.

Almost Overnight Visits- Tuck in Service

"Almost Overnight" Pet Sitting service provides your pets with a 2 1/2 hr visit in the evening 7pm-10pm. And a 30 minute morning visit.

Your pets will enjoy this premier service that gives your pets the ability to have the company of a professional pet sitter at bedtime for a potty break, treat, playtime and off to bed in their favorite spot in their favorite space- their home. Then, we will see them again in the morning for their routine care!


Did you need a midday visits as well? Check out our private dog walk or pet visit options to add on!

Puppy Care Program

Puppies have special needs - they require extra attention and more structured visits. With our specialized program, we provide puppies less than 8 months old a late morning visit that may include a leash walk, exercise, waste cleanup and, as requested, feeding and yard or in-home play within 30-minute period. We will return for a 15 minute Potty Break in the afternoon.

Your Puppy Sitter can reinforce simple commands you are already working on.