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Call us: 815.600.2575

Professional, reliable and loving.

With over 17 years in the pet care industry, you can trust that your pets are in good hands.

Meet Our Pet Care Providers

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Erick was born and raised in the south suburbs, and grew up in Orland Park. Through his life, he has been fortunate enough to experience the joys of owning many different animals, such as: fish, turtles, parakeets, a cat, a bearded dragon, and his black lab, Onyx. Having graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2014 with a degree in Animal Sciences, and a focus on Companion Animals, Erick went into dog training, as well as pet care. Animals have always been his calling, and Erick loves the phenomenal relationships that form between humans and animals. Erick will make sure your pets are taken care of as well as you would take care of them yourself.

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Jill grew up and resides in the Lincoln-Way area. She lives with her two kids, her dogs Maci and Sky as well as her cat Carson. Jill has always been an animal lover and has enjoyed living and working with animals her entire life. She has been a pet sitter for numerous years and also enjoyed working at a local animal clinic and pet center. She will always provide the best possible care for your pet family.

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Kim has loved and cared for animals all her life. She has shared her life with dogs, cats and even bunnies! Additionally, her experience with animals include, volunteering at two animal shelters, Cat Guardians in Lombard, and the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League in Aurora. Kim has rescued numerous cats throughout her life, some requiring medical attention and socialization. She has cared for a cat with insulin dependant diabetes who lived 18 years, and has experience administering other pet medications.
Currently, Kim has 3 cats: Minnie, Moe, and Tiki, who are the loves of her life! She absolutely loves being a part of the FETCH! Family where she can care for animals while their loved ones are away. She will treat your pet like they are her own!

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Hi, my name is Laurel and I simply love animals. I have been privileged to have them in my life from birth. I have always had a "gift" for knowing how to handle multiple types of pets, although most of my experience is with dogs. I currently have a German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd and an English Mastiff. I am not afraid of a "challenging" or "spirited" pet, and will definitely be the "leader" when caring for your pet, through training, walks or play. As far as training skills, hand signals are my strength, however, hugs and snuggles are given in great quantities ☺ at appropriate times. I have raised pups from five and a half weeks old, and cared for dogs in their later years. I also have experience with birds, small animals, fish and I am currently refreshing my horsemanship skills. I give my complete attention to the pets as their sitter and am empathetic to them for the smallest needs. I look forward to meeting and caring for your pet soon.

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The happiness and well being of animals is my truest passion.

Of course, I love all dogs and cats...yet I was also blessed with the experience of farm life for a year and a half! I managed the animal husbandry at Villa d'Amore Ranch in Idaho. There I daily cared, medically cared, trained and loved for 2 cats, 9 english mastiff, 2 cows, 2 pigs, fifteen alpacas and over 50 chickens, turkeys and ducks.
All animals, big, small, any type of personality, click with me. I have observed the behavior of animal life forever and I understand them. They can sense with intuition that I bring love, safety and happiness.
Due to this deep understanding of connection, I have the ability to train almost anything. I am an alpha just as their owner is. Animals are the world to me. Every time I'm with an animal, I provide the best possible care there is.

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Patti grew up in Oak Lawn and currently resides in Oak Forest with her two sons and three fur babies. She has always had a great connection to all animals and has loved and cared for them her whole life. At one point she had a bird, hamster, two turtles, 2 cats and 4 dogs and loved every minute of it! Patti currently has 2 dogs, a Shar Pei named Peaches and a Pitbull mix named Abby and a house cat named Ali. Patti is passionate about all animals and their well being and is thrilled to have joined the FETCH! Pet Care family as a pet sitter.

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I've always been a pet lover, but growing up in a large family my parents believed our house was too crazy to have a dog around. In the early years, my blind uncle sometimes lived with us, and his seeing-eye dogs were like family pets to us. Then over the years we had a variety of small pets and in my teens I brought home a kitten and finally my parents let my youngest brother have a dog. As an adult, I've had cats and a great husky named Sarge and often took care of Sarge's sister, Snowflake, and their family's cat, Taffy.
Now, in semi-retirement, we have a 17-year-old border collie/husky mix named Callie, and a 17-year-old cat named Mulligan. Both have their senior life issues, but they're a cherished part of the family.
With this kind of background, is it any wonder that I love working for Fetch!? To me it's not work, but having fun with other people's pets, and I feel pet lovers are great people to meet and get to know. I can't think of any other job as rewarding!