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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Christmas, Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Park, Winter Springs


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32765, 32766

I'm an animal lover! We have 3 beautiful dogs and 2 beautiful cats at home, they are my babies! Our babies are out best friends EVER!


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip codes serviced: 32803, 32801, 32804, 32814

I am a huge animal lover! I am the mom to two rescue dogs (a chihuahua and a pit bull) and two rescue cats (both tabby's). I have professional experience taking care of and handling dogs and cats. I volunteered at Pet Rescue by Judy in Orlando during college. I walked the rescue dogs and was responsible for feeding and cleaning the cat cages. I also worked as a kennel tech at an animal hospital and enjoyed taking care of the many animals we got in for boarding and medical care. I also worked for a pet resort as a kennel technician caring for both cats and dogs. My main duties were cleaning cat cages, administering medication, feeding, watching dogs during playtime, playing with cats during playtime and bathing the animals. I truly enjoy caring for animals and spending quality time with them!


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip codes serviced: 32828, 32825

Debbie has pet sit for friends and family for years. She is semi-retired and now has a young dog of her own. She is responsible and caring and looks forward to caring for your pets the same way that she cares for her own little dog.


With Fetch since: 2011

Zip codes serviced: 32822

Gary is originally from upstate NY and moved to Orlando in 1990. He raised Samoyed dogs while living up north and has always loved animals of all kinds. He is retired after 30+ years from the airline industry and currently lives with and takes care of several cats, a bird and two tropical fish tanks. He treats all animals as if they were his own, so you can be at ease while he cares for yours! His kind and gentle demeanor is a plus with rescued dogs.


With Fetch since: 2014

Zip codes serviced: 32792, 32789, 32814, 32817

Local Artist and Owner of Laughing Goddess Designs. I have always had cats and dogs in my life. Currently, I am the happy caregiver to 5 cats. I love animals and would love to help out other animal lovers. I like to call myself a Jill of all trades : ) I am an artist in Central Florida that specializes in painting. I enjoy rendering nudes, but love art and I am always experimenting. My work can be seen at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando as well as various venues in Orlando. My other talents are henna tattoos and tarot reading. Last but not least, I am a certified yoga instructor. I am always looking for new and interesting opportunities to flex my creative muscles!!


With Fetch since: 2011

Zip codes serviced: 32822

Greg was born in Orlando and has always lived with and cared for many kinds of animals. He truly believes that pets are people too and deserve love and respect. He has over 20 years in customer service and over 2 years with Fetch Pet Care.


With Fetch since: 2012

Zip codes serviced: 32789, 32792, 32814, 32803, 32817

Heather adores animals of all kinds and knows the stress that people have about leaving their pets alone. Nothing beats being able to keep them at home, knowing they are safe and being cared for by another pet parent. She currently has three dogs and a tarantula. Past pets include turtles, cats, fish, snakes and a hermit crab. Her clients and their pets all just love her!


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip codes serviced: 32826, 32825, 32820

My previous pet care includes owning and caring for two rescue dogs. Our daily activities include walking, feeding, cuddling and sometimes playing fetch. I have had my oldest, Angel for almost seven years and my youngest, Holly for almost three years now. They are both mixed breeds and I love them as though they are my kids. I also help my twelve year old daughter maintain her two guinea pigs who were also rescued. This entails feeding, playing with them and ensuring that their home is clean. I also have a young bearded dragon named Nitro. His care is more intensive. It includes changing out his water dish every day, keeping his tank clean as well as temperature monitored, spraying him with water to help aid in the shedding process, feeding him insects and vegetables.


With Fetch since: 2014

Zip codes serviced: 32827, 32832

I am also a Self Employed Hair Stylist. I've had animals my whole life: cats,dogs, hamsters, gerbils and mice. We currently have a leopard gecko (my son's) and a male and female Great Danes whom both are rescued. They are the loves of my life! I get extreme joy out of caring for them and spoiling them rotten. l have pet and house sat for many people over the years. I love animals of all kinds. I have invested my love and time to my pets past and present. Being the owner of a Great Dane requires much love, energy and patience. I feel I would be a great surrogate to other pet owners in their absence. I live in the North Shore at Lake Hart community with my family.


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip codes serviced: 32801, 32803, 32804

As a fairly new resident of the city of Orlando, I am more than excited to be a member of the Fetch Pet Care team. Originally I am from Buffalo, New York however I have moved around quite a bit thanks to my dad being part of the United States Army and my my itch to travel. My friends and family consider me highly energetic, athletic, and fun loving, which I can't deny. When I am not taking care of amazing pets I am working at the Golf Channel in production. I love broadcasting(TV and Radio) and I absolutely love caring for pets. I have had more experience caring for dogs and cats but I have also had the opportunity to care for reptiles, fish, and rabbits over the last 10 years of pet sitting. I am enjoying the city of Orlando and all that it has to offer from the live music, authentic restaurants, and amazing people(with awesome pets of course).


With Fetch since: 2013

Zip codes serviced: 32801, 32803, 32804, 32789

Studies English (Creative Writing & Poetry) at Rollins College. Jessica has fostered many animals, handling everything from puppies to 120 lbs of dog to cats and kittens. She currently has two rescue kitties who are quite spoiled. She is attending Rollins College full time, and in her spare time loves the outdoors and of course, pet sitting!


With Fetch since: 2014

Zip Codes Serviced: 32789, 32792, 32814, 32803

I have a rescue dog at home. Georgie is a Brussels Griffon mix, I also have two cats. We had pets growing up, and enjoy taking dogs for daily walks, and showering them with lots of love! I am a parent of a middle schooler and I have spare time on my hands, love to exercise, and enjoy spending my day doing something that I love, caring for pets. Julie is originally from England


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32801, 32806, 32812

Love my puppies. I have always been around animals all my life. Pets are family.


With Fetch since: 2010

Zip Codes Serviced: 32828, 32825

Lead Sitter and Pet Foster Parent for ShihTzusandFurbabies Rescue Group. Kerri is a gentle and caring person who has been involved with a rescue group for many years. She's a volunteer foster mom who helps socialize and train dogs, while assisting in finding them loving and lasting homes. She is a true animal lover and treats each pet in her care as if he/she were her very own! She has owned cats, dogs, hamsters and guinea pigs, and currently has three precious dogs. Kerri is very responsible and reliable, and enjoys knowing her clients are relaxed while their pets are in her care.


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32807, 32806, 32812, 32803

Kristine has a love for all animals. She has had dogs and cats and simply loves to hang out with her furry friends. Kristine will make sure that your pet is well taken care of while you are away. She loves to walk dogs, play fetch and pet cats. She has rescued a number of animals and has a heart for them. Have no concerns while you are away with Kristine as your pet sitter.


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32792, 32789, 32801, 32803, 32804

I grew up on a farm and have always house sit for neighbors, so I've always cared for all kinds of animals my entire life. I've worked at a vets office before so I understand animal behavior very well, and of course that i have a passion for animals. Even have 2 cats that I adopted recently.


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip codes serviced: 32765, 32766, 32826

My first pet was a dog when I was 12 since then I had 4 dogs now I have 3 in my house a Lab, Yolky and Maltese im really good with dogs even the aggressive ones


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32828, 32820, 32829

I have always been very compassionate about animals. I truly believe pets are like family and I treat them as such. Growing up we always had pets to take care of from cats, dogs, gerbils, hermit crabs, fish, etc. It brings me so much joy to ensure that animals are living a happy, healthy life. I am also very passionate about baking. Currently, my other job is with The Little Blue Donut Co. so walking dogs definitely helps work off some of those donuts!


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32789, 32792, 32803, 32801

I love love love animals -- grew up with dogs and cats, and currently own 2 Tonkinese cats who I consider my children :) I always get sad when I leave my cats on a trip and wish I could care for others' pets (cats especially) as I would want mine cared for when I'm out of town.


With Fetch since: 2015

Zip Codes Serviced: 32803, 32806, 32812, 32801

My love for animals started at a very young age. I've been involved in animal welfare and rescue since high school, and my love for animals has only grown over the years. I myself have two dogs, Lulu and Stokely, and one cat, Elf. In addition, I have fostered many dogs and cats throughout the years; my comprehension of the needs of companion animals is outstanding, including those with special needs. I currently am a volunteer at Orange County Animal Services. I am proficient in understanding requirements such as, nutrition, behavior and related safety precautions, as well as providing the best possible care & environment for animals.


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32832, 32827

My family has owned several pets through the years. We have had three dogs become apart of our family. I have also pet-sitted for friends that have gone out of town. I looked after kittens, dogs and their pet birds for up to a week. I am very patient and attentive with various type of pets. I have also owned two guinea pigs.


With Fetch since: 2015

Zip codes serviced: 32828, 32825, 32826

I spent my teenage years volunteering at Kitty Angels in Connecticut (a no-kill shelter) and about 4 years with Companion Pet Rescue of Tennessee, where I fostered dogs of all ages. I was taught how to administer medications, train, socialize, and took on the role of adoption counselor at our frequent adoption events. I miss volunteering with animals and Fetch! gives me a way to bring more animals into my life when I don't have he ability to foster.


With Fetch since: 2015

Zip Codes Serviced: 32806, 32812, 32801, 32822

I worked as a dog bather/sitter in Winter Park, FL for about 8 months and as a kennel technician in Longwood, FL for 3 months. I have lived with and cared for dogs and cats my entire life and have experience with feeding, walking, bathing, and medication administration. My personal objectives include: working with and caring for animals of all kinds, interacting with clients and building a reputation as a reliable pet sitter, and getting exercise while working.


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32832, 32827

I am a dog person, but I love ALL animals! Ever since I was a child, I have had an innate ability to connect with pets of all kinds. From butterflies to birds; from giant reptiles to giant dogs (and everything in between), people's nonhuman family members have been a big part of my life. As I got older, I jumped at the opportunity to care for my friends' and families' pets when they went out of town. When I heard about Fetch! Pet Care, I couldn't say no. I value the interaction and fun, and I look forward to providing you with the professional care you expect. I want my clients to return home to their happy & healthy friends. They will let you know how much fun we had!


Fetch! Pet Care Coordinator

With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 34787, 34786, 32835

I have loved animal as far back as my memory goes. I've fostered and raised all types of animals thru out the years from domestic to wildlife. Before I became apart of Fetch! Pet Care Team, I was involved in a Non-profit organization, rescuing abandon horses and raising awareness. My compassion for animals is uncontrollable. If i could save them all, I would. I myself have adopted 3 dogs( Toby, Oakley & Dixie) 1 Cat (Samsonite) & 2 Bunnies (Shady & Sunny). They are my babies, my family and I would care for your pets like I would want mine to be cared for!


With Fetch since: 2016

Zip Codes Serviced: 32827, 32832

I have owned pets since early childhood including large and small dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, birds, iguanas, and fish. I currently own two dogs, which I have had since they were both 8 weeks old. Luna is a Chiweenie and Bella is a Toy Fox Terrier. Bella has food allergies and anxiety, so I am very familiar with administering medication. I have lived in both apartments and a house with a yard, so I have experienced both ways of living with dogs. In the past I have had to deal with aggressive dogs, puppies who weigh as much as I do, and dogs that refused to walk more than a few steps at a time. I love all of them! I am a dog person, mostly, but love all animals

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