Meet the Fetch Pet Care Palm Springs & Palm Desert Team

Meet Our Team

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Hi, my name is Brody and this is my dog Charlie! I’m originally from Maine and enjoying Palm Springs and look forward to meeting you and your pets


Born and raised in Palm Springs and the surrounding desert community, I grew up around animals and have been caring for them since I was young for family and friends. My cat, Cuddles, chose me when she was a 6-week-old kitten in 2002 and has been my furry princess ever since. I love going to concerts, musicals, and movies, and it is not unusual for me to grab a pair of Mickey ears and take a spur of the moment jaunt down to Disneyland (my home away from home) whenever I have a chance. In my down time though, nothing beats curling up on the couch with my furball and reading a book or having a Netflix marathon. Currently living in Palm Desert, I also work in Group Housing/Billing at the Westin in Rancho Mirage and watch the pets of coworkers, family members, and friends whenever I am able. I love the opportunity to meet and love new animals through pet sitting, and am excited to work with Fetch to meet and care for even more animals!


All my pets have inspired me to ensure all animals receive the best care possible. I really enjoy meeting "pet" people and their pets. My goal is for you and your pets to always have someone you can count on to provide the care and service you deserve.


My name is Kendra and this is Rylee my Louisiana Leopard dog. I have had a passion for animals big and small since I was very young. Owning everything from fish, to rats to cats and puppies!


Hi! My name is Maurie, and I'm a local resident in Palm Springs. I'm originally from Rhode Island but after 18 years I decided to move to sunny California! I've always loved warm weather, sunshine, being outside and enjoying nature so what better place than here in Coachella Valley! I'm a very energetic and smiley person, I love being outside, going on hikes and I am very passionate about art and enjoy painting/crafting. I absolutely love animals, and I've been fortunate enough to have had dogs and cats all my life, so I'm extremely comfortable around any breed/size. Pet care and animals is something I'm very passionate about and I think it so important to do things you really care about and have passion for. I'm here to make sure your pets get the best care when you're not there! Trustworthy care for your pets and providing you peace of mind is what I'm all about.


Hi, I’m Rebecca! Most of my fondest childhood memories are with my little angel pie, Buster the Yorkie. Even though he passed away a few years ago, he still brings my whole family smiles when we retell stories and look through his scrapbook. Since I am unable to get another dog right now, taking care of your furry loved one will bring me so much joy. If I am spending time with your pet, just know they will be getting a lot of love and having a lot of fun like Bentley(pictured above)!


Hi my name is Sandee and I recently moved back to Southern California after being away for 14 years. I am now a full-time desert resident and happy to be home. I have worked in the "people" healthcare my whole professional life. I intend to bring my integrity, compassion and passion to pet care. I truly believe that our animal friends make us better humans. They are such an important part of the family. I love them passionately and treasure my time with them.

Paulie, Tesla & Hanna

Hi, We are Team Fetch! Ambassadors here in the Palm Desert/Palm Springs area. We enjoy hosting Yappy Hours, meeting new friends and hanging out with our clients’ pets. We are also AKC trained therapy dogs and volunteer at our local senior homes and elementary schools to bring smiles and joy to all!