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Fetch! Pet Care is committed to providing quality pet care service everywhere. We believe that no pet should go uncared for and, as such, we have developed a franchise network that dispatches thousands of professional pet sitters to service tens of thousands of pets and their parents coast-to-coast across America everyday.

Not surprising, some of the country’s largest brands have chosen Fetch! Pet Care as a partner, including Best Friends Animal Society, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Google, Halo and Verizon. And we’d like to partner with you too! We can help spread the word on your pet-related business or we can partner with you to offer your customers, employees, or members preferred offers on Fetch! Pet Care related services at no cost to you. Trust us, they’ll thank you for the peace of mind they’ll experience in knowing that their furry, feathered, scaly, finned and flippered family members are well cared for.

For Customer, Employee and Member Benefits, Associations and Perks Providers: Keeping happy customers and employees, as well as retaining members, is an essential part of maintaining your company or association’s growth and profitability. Finding the right motivators will always result in increased loyalty and retention.

Consider adding professional pet sitting and dog walking services to your benefits package – it’s one of the fastest growing voluntary benefits in the United States and you can have preferred offers on our services at absolutely no cost to you (time for that promotion!). We can add our services to your offerings in just a matter of days, so what are you waiting for?

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