Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care Raleigh

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

Dog Walking - $25

30 minute visit: dog walking near you in pet’s neighborhood. Your local, professional service includes exercise, waste cleanup and, as requested, feeding and yard or in-home play within 30 minute period. We also offer 45 and 60 minute options.

Pet Sitting - $25

Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, fish, gerbil, snake, or any other type of pet, you can trust us with your pet sitting needs while you’re away. Your local, professional pet sitter will take care of any food, water, waste, and exercise needs, and, of course, give your pet all the love and attention they deserve during the 30 minute visit. We also offer 45 and 60 minute options.

"Almost" Overnight Pet Care - $95

Pet sitting AT client’s home for two hours in the evening AND includes a 30 minute MORNING visit the following day! Also, includes (when applicable) short walks, indoor exercise and play, feeding, litter/cage cleaning, fresh waste cleanup and complementary mail & newspaper retrieval, plant watering, and light rotation, opening/closing blinds, and home security checks. The most professional service from a local business.

Pill Administration/Injections/Subcutaneous Shot/Fluids

Our trained sitter will provide a subcutaneous shot, injection or administer fluids for your cat or dog per your requirements. Based on sitter availability. Call for details

Vacation Care for Small Pets/Birds/Reptiles/Fish - $25

Our “Specialty” pet-care professional will fulfill you pet’s needs while you are away. Services will include, feeding and fresh water, cage cleaning and exercise (where applicable) up to 30 minutes. Custom services can also be arranged.

Pet Taxi - $25

Your pet leads a busy life; one you can’t always keep up with. We’re here to help! Whether it be a nearby vet appointment, trip to the groomer, or playdate at the park, our pet taxi service will make sure your pet gets to/from their destination and safely.

Custom Care Options - Tailored for YOUR Needs

From Wedding Services, "The Stork Cometh", Hotel Sitting, Realtor Assistance, to Holidays... 'We've Got Your Tail Covered!'