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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Issaquah, Redmond, Sammamish


Gail has been an avid critter lover all her life and has many years of experience caring for a variety of animals. She's volunteered at animal shelters, gone through obedience training with her dogs, ridden horses, and hopes to one day have a few llamas. She often cares for friend's and neighbor's pets and loves getting out in all kinds of weather for a walk with a canine companion.


My name is Holly Wilson. I have lived in the Seattle area most of my life and am married with 4 children. I love walking, biking and being outside. We have a dog, a King Charles, who is 10 and is very sweet and loving. I really enjoy being around animals as they are so fun and interesting. Taking care of pets is my joy!


As a small child, I always loved being around all kinds of animals. I grew up dressing up our Husky, Fuzzy & having her pull us around in my little red wagon. In my adult years, I have had 3 golden retrievers, all of which have been an integral part of my family. I have had extensive training in positive dog training methods & believe training is never ending. My love for animals is quite varied. I also volunteered for many years as a Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant.


Let me introduce myself! At one point in my life I had four kids, an exchange student, five cats, two dogs, two fish, a bird and a bunny living at my house! Those days are past, but I miss that fun. Right now we have a little five pound Papilon/Yorkie rescue. I'm hoping to find some pet people who would like loving attention for their pets while they are gone. I'm a published writer and am at home full time. Whether it's coming to your home and feeding pets, changing little boxes and/or cleaning cages, or having your dog stay with us overnight for a few days while you're out of town, I can be the answer for you. I love animals and look forward to providing this kind of service.


This is my rescue dog Mija and my name is Joy. I am a certified Vet Assistant through PIMA Medical Institute in Seattle, and my long term goal is to get into Animal Rescue. I also have experience as a Doggy Day Care Attendant, and have an immense background of skills and abilities in regards in working with all types of animals. I have extensive knowledge in canine behavior, and I will always have all types of animals in my life and would also love to have yours as well!


My love for animals started early. I grew up with two cats and two dogs and owned my first horse when I was six. I showed horses competitively on the Hunter/Jumper circuit for ten years. My childhood was relatively wall to wall animals until I went off to college. For years I was not able to get a pet for various reasons, but now I'm a writer and have a much more flexible schedule. My first pet as an adult was an elderly cat named Bunny, who I inherited from a friend who moved away. Bunny lived out her senior years in comfort and ease in what I referred to as my senior citizens home for cats. I currently have a rescue cat named Sela who most people are not sure exists because she pretty much hides from everyone but me. She is gradually becoming more social though. Throughout the years I have looked after the dogs and cats of friends and relatives as the need arose. I enjoy being around animals and taking care of them.


Hello there, my name is Lynn. I have had pets in my life for over 30 years. There is no greater devotion than that of a family pet and I know how hard it can be to have to make sure that your pets get their walks, food, water and love while you are away. I have worked in numerous veterinary clinics and a couple of animal shelters. I also currently am a volunteer at a local animal rescue/sanctuary for dogs, cats and farm animals.


Hi! My name is Maisha and I am originally from the Midwest. I have been a caretaker for small animals/dogs for most of my life, with many days spent volunteering at my local humane society. I know the feeling of being able to breathe easily when at work or away on vacation because your pet is being cared for by someone who cares for them just as much as you do.


Michael is a trustworthy, dependable, honest, punctual and loving care giver. He is married, father of two sons and has a cute little dog. He loves his dog, Muchacho ("Muchie"), Miniature Schnauzer: Purchased from a breeder as a surprise for my children. A playful dog that loves spending time with the family and particularly playing fetch with his favorite chew toys. We go for regular walks each day and he especially loves exploring new trails through the many parks in our area.


Hello there, my name is Phil . I am 28
years old and the proud dad of a little
Australian Shepard named Kimber. I
have lived with cats and dogs
throughout my entire life and couldn't
think of a better job in the world than
being able to have fun with and provide
care for the ones that truly care for us
most. I cant wait to meet your furry
friends and look forward to spending
some time them :)


I have been an animal lover my entire life, and I am currently a nursing student. I have had cats since I was born, and have been an aunt to many dogs. I currently live with a feisty black kitty, and have owned horses in the past. I enjoy working with large animals and small animals too! I am very active and would love to bring your dog on walks with me through the city, or even out on a trail!