Our Services for Fetch Pet Care Roswell and East Cobb

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

Here are a some of the services we provide.  Every service is tailored to the unique needs of you and your pets so reach out to us for your custom pricing!  Remember belly scratches are always free!


Dog Walking

We can do daily dog walks while you're at work or just a few times a month when you're not there to give your dog that potty break and exercise it needs.

Cat Care

Cats need attention when you're gone.  We will be there to provide fresh food and water, clean the box and give them lots of ear rubs!

Pet Sitting

If you have some special needs for your pet, let us know and we will work out a plan so your pet gets the care it gets when you are there.

In-home Overnight Stays

We will stay in your home while you're gone.  This usually includes arriving at supper time and staying through breakfast the next morning.  It's great having someone in your home while you are away!

Pet Taxi

We can help you with your busy schedule by taking your pet to the groomer or vet for you.  We can bring it back or you can pick it up on your way home.  Plus if you are traveling and you leave or arrive home when the boarding service is closed, we can pick them up and have them where they need to be.  You can get home and they will be there waiting for you and one less thing for you to worry about!

Medicine Administration

Need some help giving your pet a pill or a shot?  Many of our sitters are experienced with this and can help you.

Wedding Services

Yes, people love having their dogs at their wedding!  After all it's a big part of the family.  We will have them there in time for the service and keep them occupied until it's their time to shine.  We have them there for pictures then take them back home and everyone gets to enjoy the servic