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Sitters took care of pets and communicated with us while we were away. All pets were taken care of very well.
Jenny G, 8/17/2022
Absolutely fantastic service. My dog and cat were so wonderfully taken care of while we were out of town I doubt they missed us. So happy we chose Fetch!
Nika V, 8/16/22
I like that Fetch! Is insured, trains all their employees and there is always multiple backup sitters who have met my animals in case something happens to my primary sitter while I’m away.
Marta D, 8/10/22
I love the peace of mind that Fetch! gives me. When I can't be home to take care of my pups Joe, Marta, and Connie do an excellent job taking care of them. I also appreciate the frequent communication on scheduling, questions, and how each visit went.
Joy R, 8/3/22
All directions followed, trustworthy dog sitter, friendly and outstanding communication. Best of all, I can tell Barkley is in excellent and experienced hands!
Stacey W, 8/3/22

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