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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Seattle

Alexandra Zelle

Hello! My name is Zelle, I am 23 years old and I have been loving animals since 1992. My parents had me start small with a lovely Betta Fish but they quickly learned that nothing could hold me back. I jumped on a pony at the first opportunity and spent years traveling to different riding schools across Washington State, and horse camps from Canada to Colorado. I drove my parents crazy when we would go to Green Lake because I had to stop and pet every dog that passed, turning a two-hour walk into a five-hour meet-and-greet. On family vacations to Hawaii I spent my days catching lizards, primarily Geckos and Anoles, and I even brought them back to Seattle, treating them like royalty in the largest terrariums I could find. During a trip to Lake Chelan my reptile family grew to number in the teens when I became the proud owner of two Western Skinks. At the age of 9 my parents acquiesced to my desire for a furry friend, allowing me to get a cat (even though I also wanted a dog). Whisper Shadow Elazar Rettman is a domestic short-hair of the Russian Blue variety and each day we love each other more and more.


I’ve loved animals my entire life. I grew up on a small farm of ducks, geese, chickens, goats, and of course the other pets – our Benji-like dog, Fred, and our cats, Satin and Christopher, among many others. Whenever I have an opportunity to engage with animals, I am delighted; it makes my moment.

I currently have the pleasure of sharing life with two boy cats, Midnight and Blue, preceded by Sweet Pea, Monkee, and Shadow, Frank, the pug, and several labs and golden retrievers/ mixes, springy terriers and fluffy pomeranians. I’ve fostered cats, I’ve rescued many animals, and always adopt from shelters/rescues. Life without pets would be so sad.

Friends and family call me “Snow White” because everywhere I go, animals are found. Squirrels run up to me in parks and hang out with me and the cats while we do yoga (yep, everyone), and birds have no fear, either. Those cats that “never come out for anyone” come out for me. I’m that girl.


I am a lifelong pet owner, my household had all kinds of animals growing up; dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, gerbils, you name it! I have had my two dogs, (dakota, a lab mix, and jasmine, a mini schnauzer, ) and have taken care of many other pets for people who went on vacations, dogs, cats, and even a beautiful African Conure (parrot) named Rita.
I have a Fine Art degree from the University of Memphis, and have experience working in many fields, but have chosen to stay close to home for my kids. My services would include walking, feeding and waste disposal. i look forward to meeting you and your pets!


After retirement from teaching, my love for animals was a natural fit. My goal for each assignment is for the pet to feel safe and have fun. Communicating with clients and filling them in on how things are going are top priorities. I also have a King Cavalier Charles named Winston who is a certified therapy dog. He gets along well with both people and dogs and is the center of our lives.


Basic Care Services:
Walking, Bathing, Trips to dog parks, Attentive care of abused or neglected dogs, Puppy care, Email/Text message picture of video updates.

Training Services:
Clicker positive reinforcement, potty training, Tricks: Sit, Lay down, Wait, Shake, High five, Sit-up, stand, hop, get in the bath, bang, peek-a-boo, and many more!

Washington State University - B.A. Psychology 2010
Washington State University - B.A. Human Development 2010


I’m an adventurous spirit that loves animals and the outdoors. During the last 13 years of working with the same company, I’ve realized my passion is to work with animals. There isn’t a dog I pass by that doesn’t make me smile. In April of 2013, I opened up my home for private dog boarding to begin making my dreams come true.


For the past twelve years, I have been asked to board and care for
dogs in my home when the owner was absent. Responsibilities include exercise walks, feeding, playing with and giving medicine as appropriate. I am very good with dogs and, although I do not have a dog of my own currently, owners regularly entrust their furry friends to my care.
I have visited cats in their homes and given them lots of play and
attention while their owners were away on vacation. I have done this since I was a little girl of eight as owners knew I was good with animals. I would also take in mail and newspapers and water plants as requested.


Pets have been a huge part of my life. Pets aren't just animals that we take care of; they're our companions, a part of the family. I would be honored to be a part of any pets life. I have a 4 year old golden doodle named Toby. I love spending time out doors with him, going for long walks, or just playing with him in the yard. I love animals in general and think they deserve the best care possible. Toby is definitely like one of my children, and whenever we are away we ensure he is cared for by the very best. I feel that I can bring this same philosophy in caring for your pets as well.


My promise to you:
Your pets are my #1, I will be there when I promise to be there. Your pet will be treated with love, plenty of affection and owner approved treats. Your home will be respected as if my own.


Growing up, we had 3 dogs – one for each kid in the family. (My Mom was a saint!) We had 2 mutts named Hunter and Nan and a dachshund named Heidi. My sister and I would dress Heidi up in
our baby doll clothes and push her around in our stroller. She was so patient with us and didn’t seem to mind as we carried her all throughout the house! Nan was my dog, and I got her as a puppy. It was fun to watch her grow up. She was very playful and loved to play fetch. While I won’t be dressing up your pet in baby clothes, I do look forward to many good walks and fun times!


Hello, my name is Emmarose. I am a pre-veterinary student studying Biology at the University of Washington with a passion and a love for animals of all kinds. I grew up in Portland, Oregon with a yellow Lab (Jonah), a Golden Doodle (Sam), a tabby cat (Annabelle), hamsters, (Beckham and Zara), and many fish.I am in the process of adopting a Cavapoo puppy in the months to come, and can’t wait to show him love.
I am certified in animal welfare and first aid by the Humane Society. I have completed animal aid courses in Thailand and Australia. I have worked and volunteered at the East Mill Plain Animal Hospital in Vancouver, WA, as well as doing pet sitting and taking care of many animals in my neighborhood and school area.


Ilga is an avid pet lover of all cats and dogs. She believes that pets are one of life's essentials, therefore they deserve as much care as we can give them. She cherishes the time she is able to care for someone's pet. She's had a bevy of critters in her life from farm to city dwelling animals and misses them dearly. She's chosen to enrich her life by caring for others people's beloved pets.


Jen Costigan is a Montessori teacher by day who began moonlighting with Fetch several years ago.
She loves all animals though cats are her favorite. Like any good teacher she enjoys going above and beyond for her clients, giving meticulous and loving care for their pets and providing consistent and frequent communication.


My name is Jen, and I am available for dog walking, playtime, cat visits, fish care, and other small pets. I've had experience with all kinds of situations with caring for other people's pets. I can even say I saved a great danes life, by recognizing the early symptoms of bloat. I've rehabilitated a dog that was treated badly, and was had terrible fear based aggression, and loved every single animal I've ever worked with.

I now have a great dane puppy, and a german shepherd/ anatolian shepherd puppy to raise, both amazing, of course. I feel very confident that I can handle any dog's physical and mental needs. I truly enjoy walking, playing, and especially training dogs, and cats are my favorite animals of all. (shhh, don't tell my dog)

I'll walk your dog, take care of your cats, play with them, but most important I know that they are members of your family and I will treat them as such.

Jess & Gayle

We have spent our lives caring for a variety of furry friends and it has instilled in us a great love all animals! From dogs, to cats, to birds, and small mammals, we are well acquainted with the individual needs of each kind of fur baby. Gayle is currently owned by a lovely orange tabby named Doc and Jessica has raised and rehabilitated cats, rats, guinea pigs, and birds. Both of us have assisted in training and housebreaking a number of dogs, and have helped to rehabilitate abused and neglected cats. No matter what kind of care or assistance you are looking for, Furry Family Pet Care can handle it. Your fur babies are our fur babies!


Having animals as a child allowed me to find the value in living creatures and the companionship that they offer. It also taught me responsibility and consequences.

Growing up I had a cat named Acurious; an intelligent outdoor cat who knew his way around! He lived to the ripe old age of 17. I had a box turtle named Nerdle. I loved watching him swim in the bathtub. My first pet after I moved out on my own was a hamster named Malikai. He was a great pet for my small apartment. My next animal was a rescue cat named Riley. My current fur family consists of 3 cats and a dog.


I am semi-retired and I still need to get out there and socialize and
what better way than to meet new people and their furry pets.
I have 3 cats and a small dog. My pets are my best friends and I will always have animals in my life. I regularly take care of 2 cats when the owner is out of town. 1 cat has a special diet so it requires 2 visits a day.


Experienced pet sitter with a passion and love for animals. I specialize in private boarding, dog walking and kitty care. I am a farm girl who grew up on the Oregon Coast taking care of cows, chickens, horses, cats and dogs.


Hello! My name is Leah, and I offer pet care services in the North Seattle area. I am a lifelong animal lover and pet owner with lots of love and experience! I have taken care of dogs, cats, reptiles/amphibians, fish, and small animals. My services include walking, dog park outings, training class “homework” or skill practice, play, feeding/watering, waste disposal, and overnight care.


One thing that has always been a constant fixture in my life are animals and my love for them. I have had dogs in my life since I was 4 years old and on throughout my life. I have also had 3 rats and 2 ferrets. My background with animals comes from having worked in a few different veterinary clinics and one of the having been a 24 hour emergency clinic, I also volunteer at an animal rescue/sanctuary for dogs, cats and farm animals.


P.A.W.S. Volunteer [September 2010 - Current] - Lynnwood, WA
•Wildlife Center - Assist with the care and feeding of recused local wild life including Raccoons, Seals, Squirrels, Bald Eagles, Owls, Bears, Otters, Deer, and others
•Dog/Cat Shelter - Assist with the care, feeding, and exercising/walking of animals
awaiting adoption
Veterinaria Del Sur Vetrinary Assistant [2001 - 2004] - Argentina
•Assisted with the care and treatment of Dogs, Cats, Birds, and other exotic animals
•Helped Pet Owners with selecting pet care products


Growing up I proudly owned two beautiful Labrador Retrievers, Reggie and Lady, and am now the proud uncle of a beautiful, sassy English Bulldog, named Betsy, and will be a soon-to-be proud uncle of Ollie, a 2-year-old chocolate Labrador.


Hi there! My name is Miranda. I grew up in Seattle and absolutely love it here. I have a lifelong love of animals and currently live with 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have grown up with animals and have a true passion for them. It is my dream to one day own and operate an animal rescue of my own!


I currently work as a Customer Service Asst. Manager at Whole Foods Market and have been a pet parent my whole life. My past experience with animals includes volunteering at Pasados' Safe Haven, which I have done for over a year. While there, I walked dogs, played with the kitties, and helped feed and put the farm animals to bed for the night; this is where I rescued my current dog, Kevin. In my past sitting jobs, I have administered many kinds of medications and ointments, and provided care for an epileptic dog, as well as one with diabetes. I take my job as a caregiver very seriously. I am always looking for an opportunity to further my knowledge about dog care, as well as researching best practices. In June, I will be attending Dog Tec, a dog walking university. After I attend this 4 day seminar, I will be certified in dog first aid and knowledgeable in working with dogs in a pack situation.


I believe pets make everything better. I love animals, especially dogs. Especially large dogs! I’ve been where you probably are now, having a pet you can barely leave and worrying about who will care for it and keep it company when you can’t be there. I used to avoid going on vacations unless I could take my dogs along.
I’ve had dogs my entire life, and now I am without. I’m pet sitting because I love the company of dogs and cats. I’ll treat your four-legged family members as I would treat my own. I’ll give them the affection they need; I’ll show up when you expect me to; I’ll care for them the way you want me to.


I have always been an animal enthusiast since I was a child, and my love for animals has only grown over the years. Having many pets throughout the years, I have learned that they aren’t just pets. They are our companions, and they deserve to be treated just like any member of the family. Currently, I have a 6-year old golden-doodle named Toby, and he is undoubtedly my best friend and my soul mate. We always ensure that he is in the best care possible when we are away, and I believe that every pet deserves that as well. With me, I can guarantee that your pet will always be in the finest hands.


I am a huge animal lover! I’ve always had a special place in my heartfor all types of animals.
I have an 8 year old puggle named, Oliver.The day I got him was the best day of my life. I do whatever I can to keep him healthy and happy. He’s incredibly spoiled and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Oliver goes to work with me almost every day – I’m very lucky! He’s quickly become my agency’s mascot and can be seen on our Instagram account!


About me:
 Likes: Animals!, traveling, movies, being outdoors
 Dislikes: Spiders, most meat (especially beef), bad drivers
 Fun Facts: I play alto saxophone in the Husky Marching Band at UW, I kind of look like Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter movies, and I have been to France twice.
 15 years pet owner of dogs, cats, rabbits, sheep, chickens, small rodents, and fish
 1 year paid independent pet/house sitter experience
 Responsible, honest, punctual, friendly, and organized
 Experienced in giving medicine to pets in pill, ointment, and needle form.
 Love of animals since birth


I have a lifelong love of animals that began as a little girl growing up on a small farm. My family had a German Shepard named King, a boxer named Bud, a Pit bull named Stymie, and a huge cat we called Big White. In addition to our family pets we also had chickens, goats, a pig, rabbits and my horse Tootsie Roll. I now have 2 beautiful fur kids, Mike a 9 YO domestic shorthair and Nermal a 4 YO Exotic shorthair. Both of them are rescues.


I grew up on 10 acres in Pennsylvania, running around the woods with my older brother and my faithful collie, Spike. I also had 2 cats, 3 rats, 2 gerbils, a horse, and many, many fish. Not having enough critters at home I volunteered at the local animal shelter through high school where I cleaned cages, held fundraisers, and got to spend quite a bit of time playing with the various residents. After getting a B.A. in Classical Studies I moved to Seattle with a friend from college and a cairn terrier named Tigger. Sadly Tigger is no longer around, but I’ve added a daughter (Corinna), a cat (Miss Purrs), a guinea pig (Prince Butter Cream), and an axolotl (Daisy Dude) to the mix. If you can’t tell I absolutely love animals and love nothing more than to see them happy and well-cared for.


Previous owner and lover of four dogs, two cats, three feisty guinea pigs, and a friendly turtle; I currently don’t have any pets so your furry friend is priority number one! Ten years experience playing and touring in various rock and roll bands. Occasional caretaker of an awesome one year old nephew named Isaac.

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