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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Seattle


I am a life long dog owner and lover. Dogs I have owned: Dachsund mix, Golden Retriever, Lhasa Apso, Springer Spaniel mix and a Cocker Spaniel mix. My most recent dog is a Border Collie / Retriever mix, I have had the last five years.

Worked as a music teacher in Snohomish and Shoreline School Districts from 2007-2014.

Singer with the Seattle Choral Company since 2007.


I don’t have any pets of my own, but have spent many happy hours over the past 10 years at Magnuson Dog Park with an energetic Flat-Coated Retriever named Cooper that I walk for a client. I also walk several dogs in my neighborhood. I have twenty years experience playing in an African marimba band for weddings, parties and events. I am a proud grandpa of two year old Isaac, who lives in Colorado. We have a lot of web cam chats.


I’m a passionate about animals, artsy and athletic student, who’s been living in Queen Anne for a little over a year now. I am halfway through the school of Apparel Design and Development at Seattle Central and I love it! Walking dogs has been the best job I have ever had. Getting outdoors and exerting some energy with animals is healing for my mind, body and soul.

Walking/Running, Bathing, Grooming, Nails, Administration of Meds (oral/topical/injectable), Overnight Visits, Feedings, Training, Waste Disposal, Etc.


After retirement from teaching, my love for animals was a natural fit. My goal for each assignment is for the pet to feel safe and have fun. Communicating with clients and filling them in on how things are going are top priorities. I also have a King Cavalier Charles named Winston who is a certified therapy dog. He gets along well with both people and dogs and is the center of our lives.


Basic Care Services:
Walking, Bathing, Trips to dog parks, Attentive care of abused or neglected dogs, Puppy care, Email/Text message picture of video updates.

Training Services:
Clicker positive reinforcement, potty training, Tricks: Sit, Lay down, Wait, Shake, High five, Sit-up, stand, hop, get in the bath, bang, peek-a-boo, and many more!

Washington State University - B.A. Psychology 2010
Washington State University - B.A. Human Development 2010


For the past twelve years, I have been asked to board and care for
dogs in my home when the owner was absent. Responsibilities include exercise walks, feeding, playing with and giving medicine as appropriate. I am very good with dogs and, although I do not have a dog of my own currently, owners regularly entrust their furry friends to my care.
I have visited cats in their homes and given them lots of play and
attention while their owners were away on vacation. I have done this since I was a little girl of eight as owners knew I was good with animals. I would also take in mail and newspapers and water plants as requested.


Pets have been a huge part of my life. Pets aren't just animals that we take care of; they're our companions, a part of the family. I would be honored to be a part of any pets life. I have a 4 year old golden doodle named Toby. I love spending time out doors with him, going for long walks, or just playing with him in the yard. I love animals in general and think they deserve the best care possible. Toby is definitely like one of my children, and whenever we are away we ensure he is cared for by the very best. I feel that I can bring this same philosophy in caring for your pets as well.


My promise to you:
Your pets are my #1, I will be there when I promise to be there. Your pet will be treated with love, plenty of affection and owner approved treats. Your home will be respected as if my own.


Growing up, we had 3 dogs – one for each kid in the family. (My Mom was a saint!) We had 2 mutts named Hunter and Nan and a dachshund named Heidi. My sister and I would dress Heidi up in
our baby doll clothes and push her around in our stroller. She was so patient with us and didn’t seem to mind as we carried her all throughout the house! Nan was my dog, and I got her as a puppy. It was fun to watch her grow up. She was very playful and loved to play fetch. While I won’t be dressing up your pet in baby clothes, I do look forward to many good walks and fun times!


Geli is an animal enthusiast based out of Lynnwood that brings her energy and attention to the care of your pet. She is proud to share her home with two dogs of her own and is the first person her neighbors and friends think of to watch their furry friends when they need someone they trust.
Geli understands that each dog is different, regardless of it being part of their breed or part of their personality. She will find the perfect combination of care from her familiarity working with special needs dogs, puppies, and geriatric canines. Whether it’s running them for a few miles, giving them a job to do, or settling in for some extra snuggles your furry family member will receive the best care possible.


I grew up with 3 wonderful dogs: Sammy, a Golden Retriever Mix, Ruby, a Lab Mix, and Jack, a Cattle Dog. I care and provide support for my aunt’s Calvapoo, Maggie. I have also owned Emily, a dwarf bunny for 10 years and have leased and ridden horses for 6 years.
I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and French and Francophone Studies from Seattle Pacific University in 2014. I have worked as an Elementary French Teacher at Language Link
in 2014, and am currently a Demo Representative for Macrina Bakery as well as an Assistant Finance Coordinator for CRG Events. My pet care skills include walking, feeding, washing, waste disposal, overnight and in-home care.


Ilga is an avid pet lover of all cats and dogs. She believes that pets are one of life's essentials, therefore they deserve as much care as we can give them. She cherishes the time she is able to care for someone's pet. She's had a bevy of critters in her life from farm to city dwelling animals and misses them dearly. She's chosen to enrich her life by caring for others people's beloved pets.


I've cared for animals my entire life from family, to the local animal shelter, to wildlife sanctuaries, to veterinary hospitals. I also work as a wildlife rehabilitator for PAWS but really enjoy my time caring for those fuzzy friends through pet sitting for Fetch!


I have had animals in my life since the day I was born and I have been working as a professional pet care provider for over a decade. I have always loved animals, particularly dogs, and feel lucky to have made a living working with them for so long.
I am a playwright and I have had my plays produced in San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York City. When I wasn’t working in theatre, I was walking dogs and pet sitting for NYC Dog Walkers and eventually established my own clients. Also, while in NYC, I met my wonderful fiancée, Lori, and shortly after meeting we both decided that we would rather live in Seattle. So, here we are!


Jen Costigan is a Montessori teacher by day who began moonlighting with Fetch several years ago.
She loves all animals though cats are her favorite. Like any good teacher she enjoys going above and beyond for her clients, giving meticulous and loving care for their pets and providing consistent and frequent communication.


Having animals as a child allowed me to find the value in living creatures and the companionship that they offer. It also taught me responsibility and consequences.

Growing up I had a cat named Acurious; an intelligent outdoor cat who knew his way around! He lived to the ripe old age of 17. I had a box turtle named Nerdle. I loved watching him swim in the bathtub. My first pet after I moved out on my own was a hamster named Malikai. He was a great pet for my small apartment. My next animal was a rescue cat named Riley. My current fur family consists of 3 cats and a dog.


I am semi-retired and I still need to get out there and socialize and
what better way than to meet new people and their furry pets.
I have 3 cats and a small dog. My pets are my best friends and I will always have animals in my life. I regularly take care of 2 cats when the owner is out of town. 1 cat has a special diet so it requires 2 visits a day.


Experienced pet sitter with a passion and love for animals. I specialize in private boarding, dog walking and kitty care. I am a farm girl who grew up on the Oregon Coast taking care of cows, chickens, horses, cats and dogs.


One thing that has always been a constant fixture in my life are animals and my love for them. I have had dogs in my life since I was 4 years old and on throughout my life. I have also had 3 rats and 2 ferrets. My background with animals comes from having worked in a few different veterinary clinics and one of the having been a 24 hour emergency clinic, I also volunteer at an animal rescue/sanctuary for dogs, cats and farm animals.


I have a lifelong love of animals that began as a little girl growing up on a small farm. My family had a German Shepard named King, a boxer named Bud, a Pit bull named Stymie, and a huge cat we called Big White. In addition to our family pets we also had chickens, goats, a pig, rabbits and my horse Tootsie Roll. I now have 2 beautiful fur kids, Mike a 9 YO domestic shorthair and Nermal a 4 YO Exotic shorthair. Both of them are rescues.
I have 2 certifications in animal massage therapy and have been practicing massage therapy on dogs and horses for over a year.

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