Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care Seattle North

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

There are over ONE MILLION PETS in the Greater Seattle Area, and we want to ensure that all of them get their PHYSICAL, MENTAL, & INSTINCTUAL needs met regularly

To meet this goal, we offer an exclusive list of enrichment-based services for  DOGS, CATS, & CRITTERS!

 DOG PAW-RENTS – Our platform allows you to easily mix & match dog walking experiences, excursions, and adventures to create an ulti-mutt schedule each week for your pup! We are happy to help tailor a program to meet your dog’s specific needs.

CAT PAW-RENTS – We offer both classic and interactive cat visits. Interactive is for our more playful kitties who love to have their instinctual needs met with stimulating games and toys!

Our app provides a GPS map of your walk or service that includes notes, pictures, and updates for extra peace of mind and accountability.

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*Midday Dog Walking Experiences & Adventures require a 5-day-a-week monthly commitment to qualify for the starting rate. The starting rate listed is for the shortest time option for that service.

Interactive Puppy Playgroup - Starting at $39 (transport included)

Puppy Playgroups are one full hour of structured, interactive socialization. Your dog will have fun exercising, socializing, and playing with their new BFF's (Best FETCH! Friends) who have been screened for compatibility. Our experienced Dog Handlers monitor and direct play to ensure safety and good habits. Dogs are securely transported to and from the service, and we guarantee they will come home healthier, happier, and DOG-tired! What better way to socialize your puppy? *$37 price is for clients who live within a two-mile radius of Shoreline. Small transport fee applied if outside of this radius.

Puppy Care Program - Starting at $44

Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! During their early months, your puppy needs consistency, routine, and attention. Not to worry! We can help customize a feeding and exercise schedule just for them. We will mimic whatever training commands your currently working on to ensure your pup is hearing and receiving consistent information from everyone who is helping to care for them. Our service typically includes one 30-min morning visit, and one 15-min afternoon visit, but can be adjusted based on the puppy's needs. *Starting rate requires a 5-day a week monthly commitment.

Choose from our "Classic, Sniffari, or Distance" Dog Walking Adventures - Starting at $25

The Classic Walk has been the standard for years. A little sniffing, a little walking. But, when it's all about taking the time to smell the roses, the hydrants, or the bushes, we can take your pup on a "Sniffari!" Sniffing helps activate and keep your dog's brain focused and mentally fit. The sense of smell is a dog's primary sense, and getting to use their sniffer will be the highlight of their day! Alternatively, our "Distance Walk" focuses on providing the longest walk possible in the time scheduled!. Choose from 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. *Starting rate requires a 5-day a week monthly commitment.

Walking Adventures PLUS Playtime with our "Go Fetch!" Services - Starting at $33

Get two services in one with our Walk & Go Fetch!, or Sniff & Go Fetch! services! Want to ensure your dog's brain and body are worn out? Have a yard or other safe area large enough to play interactive games? Sign up for a 30, 40 or 60-minute service and we will take your pup on a 15, 20 or 30-min classic, sniffari, or distance dog walk, followed by another 15, 20 or 30 mins of Fetch! or other interactive games. We also offer a stand alone "Stay, Play & Go Fetch!" service where we spend the entire time playing interactive games with your pup! This can be indoors, outdoors, or both depending on preference. We guarantee between walking, sniffing, and playing; you will have one exhausted pup! *Starting rate requires a 5-day a week monthly commitment.

Private Trail Hike Adventures - 60 Mins - Starting at $47

We take your pup on a hiking trail close to your home where they will have fun exercising, sniffing, and exploring! We can take up to two dogs if they are from the same household. ($20 for a 2nd dog, $15 for a third.) Dogs are securely transported to and from the hike, and we guarantee they will come home healthier, happier, and DOG-tired! *Starting rate requires a 5-day a week monthly commitment.

Private Dog Park Excursions - 60-mins - Starting at $47

If your dog has more energy than a fast-paced walk can expend, we can take them to the nearest off-leash dog park where they can play and run. Our private dog-park excursions are all about safety, and the dog handler's will only take multiple dogs if they are from the same household. ($20 for a 2nd dog, $15 for a third.) This helps ensure your pup is getting the handler's full attention for the entire service. *Certain restrictions apply. Please inquire for details. *Starting rate requires a 5-day a week monthly commitment.

15-Minute Potty Break - $21

Pup need a quick potty break and nothing more? We've got you covered!

Classic or Interactive Cat Visits - Starting at $25

We all know cats need love and attention, but some also thrive on exercise! We can use interactive toys, such as lasers, toy mice, and birds on a string to entice your kitty's natural prey moves and get them up and moving! Have more of a shy kitty? That's okay too; we always honor whatever our fur clients prefer as far as interaction and play. We also offer small household duties such as collecting mail, opening and closing blinds, etc. Choose from 20, 30, 45, and 60 minute visits. *Starting rate requires a 14 day booking to qualify.

Overnight & Almost Overnight Pet Sitting - Starting at $120

Our Personalized, In-Home services allow your pet(s) to maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of home. "Almost Overnight" Pet Sitting service provides your pets with an extended two-hour evening visit, as well as another one-hour visit the next morning. Alternatively, we offer In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting which is a full 12-hours of care. Both services include one of our paw-some care providers coming in the early evening to feed, walk, play, cuddle, clean litter boxes, and perform any small household duties. They also provide morning pet care routines + AM walk. $10 per additional dog and $8 per additional cat. (per pet fees are split between each visit.) *Due to the extreme increase in demand, this service is reserved for our clients who use us for ongoing services such as dog walking. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to sign up as an ongoing client.

Pet Taxi Service - Base Price of $25

When your pet has errands of its own to run, call on us for pet taxi service! We can transport your pet to all of their appointments. Whether you need them dropped off or picked up at the vet, groomer, daycare, boarding, or even Grandma's, your pet will make it there on time and in comfort! We make your pet's safety our number one priority and ensure they are kept comfortable and secure.

Medication Administration - Starting at a $5 add-on charge

Like us, many pets require prescribed medications in order to prevent, control or improve their health condition. Whether your pet needs pills, injections, sub-q fluid administration, or otherwise, we have care providers who are experienced in administering medication for your pets!

Last Minute Booking Surcharge - $10

For services booked with less than 24-hour notice.

Holiday Surcharges - Starting at $10

Holiday Surcharges are standard across our industry. We choose to pay 100% of these charges to our care providers as a thank you for working Holidays. This fee also helps guarantee we will have enough coverage during our busiest times of the year. We charge a $10 surcharge for holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, MLK Day, etc. For Major Holidays such as Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving & the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day, the charge is based on service booked. For midday services such as dog walks, pet and cat visits, the surcharge is $15, for Overnight and Boarding Services, the surcharge is $50.

Cancellation Policies

Ongoing Dog Walks - a cancellation charge of 100% of the price will be applied to services canceled 24 hours or less before the start time. For short-term bookings and vacation services such as cat visits, overnight care, and on-demand pet sitting, a cancellation charge of 100% of the price will be applied to services canceled at or within 72-hours of the start time. Holiday Cancellation Policy: All pet-sitting reservations over holiday periods** require a 14–day cancellation notice prior to the start of service. No credits or refunds will be given if visits are canceled within your service window without a 14–day notice. Holiday Boarding & Overnight Visits require a 50% non-refundable deposit. You must provide a 3-week notice from the start of the service to cancel any or all overnight visits. No credits or refunds will be given if overnights are canceled during holiday periods.** **Holiday Periods will vary from year to year but generally include the heavy travel weekends and days surrounding a major holiday.