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Services your pet will love!

Fetch! Pet Care is the perfect partner for the busy pet owner who insists on the best.

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Fetch! Puppy Program

Puppy Surcharge (Day Care and Private Boarding services, only)

Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! The trouble is, this can also lead to torn shoes, random potty stains and other bad habits! During their early months, good habits have to be learned. Your puppy needs consistency, routine and attention. Not to worry! A dedicated and trained Fetch! sitter will customize a feeding, exercise and training schedule just for your pup.

Additional $10 (up to 4 months of age

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Service Offered

Fetch! Daily Dog Walking

7-Day Service Vacation Package

Relax on your vacation with the peace-of-mind that your four-legged kids will be well-cared for while you're away. Service includes all walks, feedings, etc. Day 1: 45-minute Midday Visit plus 60minute Evening Visit/ Day 2-6: 60-minute Morning Visit plus 45-minute Midday Visit plus 60-minute Evening Visit/ Day 7: 60-minute Morning Visit plus 45-minute Midday Visit/ Additional dog @ $5 per visit/ Major Holiday Surcharge @ $15 per day

$576 complete

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Extended Daily Care Package

Away on vacation or business trip? Treat your dog to an extended daily care service consisting of all the necessary walks, feedings, playtime and midday potty-break. 45-minute Morning Visit/ 30-minute Midday Visit/ 45-minute Evening Visit Additional dog @ $5 per visit/ Major Holiday Surcharge @ $15 per day

$93 - $104 complete

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Private Dog Walks

Having a hard time keeping up with your pet's daily dog walk routine? Let us walk the walk for you! Our professional, loving dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friend and take them on a walk during a 30-minute visit.

$21 - $25 per visit

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Service Offered

Pet Sitting

Doggie Day Care

Bring your dog to your pet sitter's home for the day, so he or she won't be alone! Your dog won't be lonely and will enjoy constant companionship and safety, You'll drop-off and pickup your dog and provide food, treats and bedding, when applicable, Drop-off 7-9am and pickup 5-7pm.

$33 - $39 per day

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Fetch! Cat Visit Playtime

We all know cats love attention. But did you know they also thrive on daily exercise? That's where we come in! During our 30, 45 and 60-minute visits we use interactive toys, such as lasers, toy mice and birds on string to entice your kitty's natural prey moves and get them up and moving!

$18 - $22 per visit

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Hotel Pet Sitting

Let our Pet Sitters watch your dog or cat for the day or evening in your pet-friendly hotel, bed and breakfast or resort while you go out on the town! Great for visitors and tourists!

$27 per 30-minute visit for 1 dog

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Service Offered

Overnight Care

Fetch! "Almost Overnight" Pet Sitting

"Almost Overnight" Pet Sitting service provides your pets with an extended three-hour evening visit in your home as well as another one-hour visit the next morning. You can breathe a sigh of relief because your pet will get to maintain their normal routine of feeding, playtime, and exercise in the safety and comfort of your household.

$68 - $73 per session

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Fetch! In-Home Overnight Sitting

With our In-Home Overnight Sitting your pet can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own home while you're away. Your sitter will come to your home in the early evening to feed, water, play and cuddle with your pet. The sitter will spend the night at your home and depart the next morning after approximately 12 hours of care. It's just like you were home!

$80 - $100 per night

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Private Boarding

Does your dog need a cozy, friendly home to stay at while you're out of town? With Dog Boarding your pet will stay in the safety and comfort of a sitter's home. Your pet will be matched with a home that fits their needs for a fun, hassle free stay so you can have peace of mind while you're away! (First and last day based on drop-off/pickup times).

$51 - $60 per night

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Service Offered

Specialty Services

Fetch! Pet Taxi Service

When your pet has errands of its own to run, call on our pet taxi services! We can transport your pet to all of their appointments. Whether you need your pet dropped off at the vet, groomer, airport, Grandma's, or for boarding, your pet will make it there on time and in comfort!

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Fetch! Pill Administration, Injections, Subcutaneous Shots and Fluids

Normal pilling and oral medications at no charge. This service is only available as an option when a regular pet care service is being performed.

$10 fee for each subcutaneous injection

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In-Home Get-Acquainted Session

FREE with completed service. Additional consultations may incur a $20 charge. Our professional and reliable pet sitter will come to your home to meet with you and your pets, gather any additional important information about your pets and home and get a house key to provide services. For our Private Boarding and Doggie Day Care services, the consultation will take place in the pet sitter's home.


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Key Lockout, Pickup or Return Service

Locked out of your house? We have your key and can save you a bundle over calling a locksmith. Charge also applies for pickup or drop-off of client's key by pet sitter, other than during the initial in-home get-acquainted session or at the end of a visit. Available only during normal business hours.

$20 per incident

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Pet Bath

Includes an attentive wash/shampoo, drying and brushing of your dog. Client to provide shampoo, brush and towels. In addition to one of our scheduled pet services only. During original 30-minute visit.

$25 per dog

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Poop-Scoop Yard Cleanup

Let us keep your front or back yard clean and sanitary, Basic service includes a 30-minute waste cleanup for up to two dogs.

$24 per 1/2-hour

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Wedding Day Service

If you're hoping to have your pet play a part in your wedding we can help! Chances are you're going to be pretty busy that day, so let our Pet Sitter pick up your pet and bring them to the venue for picture, the ceremony and any other activities!

Call for availability and pricing.

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