Our Services & Pricing for Fetch Pet Care The Main Line

Quality Care for Your Precious Pet

In-Home Pet Consultation*

Your pre-selected pet sitter will come to your home to meet you and your pets, gather pertinent information about your pets and home, including a canine evaluation (for all dog clients) and get a house key to provide services. *Complimentary with a paid service. $25 without a paid service (credited towards a future paid service). Existing client key pickup and/or orientation in new home location @ $18.

Private Dog Walk

Minimum 30-minute visit. Your pet sitter will take your dog on a leashed walk in your neighborhood. We'll make sure your dog will get some exercise, get some fresh air and does his business! Feeding and basic home care can be combined at no charge within the 30-minute time frame. 1-8 visits per request per month @ $24 per visit 9+ visits per request per month @ $20 per visit $5 each additional dog Each additional 15-minute period @ $8

Cat Visit

30-minute visit. Cats prefer maximum attention focused on them, so we created a special CATegory. Each visit includes fresh water and feeding, litter box cleaning, as well as play, cuddle or looking under the bed for blinking eyes time! 1-8 visits per request per month @ $20 per visit (up to 3 cats) 9+ visits per request per month @ $18 per visit (up to 3 cats) $5 surcharge up to 3 additional cats

Private Overnight Boarding

Bring your dog to live with the pet sitter's home when you go away or are having work done in your home. You drop off your dog and provide their food, treats, bedding and any favorite toys...and we'll do the rest! 1-8 days @ $58 per overnight 9+ days @ $50 per overnight Drop-off after 6pm @ 1/2-day fee Pickup by 9am @ no charge 9am-12pm @ 1/2-day fee After 12pm @ full fee Additional dog @ $29

Doggie Day Care

Bring your dog to the pet sitter's home for the day, so he or she won't be "home alone"! Your dog won't be lonely and will enjoy constant companionship and safety. You just drop off your dog in the morning and pick him up at the end of the day. If applicable, you'll include your dog's normal food, treats, bedding, etc. 1-8 days @ 37 per day 9+ days @ $32 per day Drop-off 7-9am and pickup 5-7pm Additional dog @ $18

In-Home Overnight Service

When you'll be away for an extended period of time on vacation, etc., the pet sitter will arrive at your home from approximately 6pm, stay overnight and leave approximately 8am. Includes evening and morning private exercise, feeding, mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering, lights rotation, opening/closing blinds and home security checks. 1-8 nights per request @ $100 per night 9+ nights per request @ $80 per night Includes up to 2 dogs

ALMOST Overnight Service

The pet sitter will stay at your home for a 3-hour evening visit (somewhere between 5 and 10pm) and then return for a 1-hour visit the following morning. This service includes ALL of the full overnight service - just without the actual overnight stay. 1-8 services per request (3 evening hours, plus 1 morning hour) @ $70 per session 9+ services per request (3 evening hours + 1 morning hour) @ 65 per session Includes up to 2 dogs Midday 30-minute walk/potty break can be added to each day @ $20 per visit Each additional dog over 2 or up to 3 cats @ $5 per visit

Pet Taxi Service

Available for current clients and during normal business hours, with a 24-hour notice. We'll transport your pet to and from the vet, groomer, trainer, boarding facility, airport or other location. $24 roundtrip (up to 10 miles) $2 per mile over 10 miles, $8 per 15-minute wait time, $5 each additional dog or cat. SHORT-NOTICE EMERGENCY REQUESTS (WHEN AVAILABLE) WITH A 25% UPCHARGE.

Pet Medical Administration

Performed at time of regularly-scheduled visit or service, the pet sitter will administer pills and liquids by mouth at no charge. Subcutaneous injections are charged at $8 per injection.