Meet the Fetch Pet Care Toledo Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!

Meet Debbie!

Debbie Miller has cared for many kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, birds and a pig named Hamlet. Previously, she worked at an Animal Shelter where dogs and cats were up for adoption and a Veterinary Animal Hospital, in the kennel, assisting with physical therapy. She has actively been pet sitting for six years in the Toledo, Ohio area. After completing Animal Behavioral College, Debbie received a certificate in dog training and has trained her own dogs, family members' dogs and friends' puppies. Currently, Debbie lives with her four cats (all from the same cat family) who are great company and fun to cuddle. She has hundreds of photos in her phone because they are so cute and funny. Debbie says,  "I am looking forward to meeting you and taking care of your furry family pets!"

Meet Lynn!

Lynn Sobczak is a caring, dependable and dedicated pet caregiver who has been called Mom by dogs and cats, alike. She loves beautiful breeds of all kinds, but especially Shepherds, Siberian Huskies,  Labradors, Boxers and Basset Hounds! Lynn says, "I am very passionate about dogs and have I strong connection and compassion with them. I'm athletic and strong to handle most, which has always been helpful in walking my furry friends at parks or populated areas." As a former floral shop and event management entrepreneur, look for Lynn out in our community as a special ambassador to Fetch! Pet Care of the Toledo area!

Meet Cheryl!

Cheryl Phillips is Mom to her fur baby and rescue pup, Marley, and Aunt to eight nieces and nephews. While she has worked in the title office at a Greater Toledo car dealership for over 40 years, she enjoys caring for the needs of Marley for the last five years and spending quality time with friends and family. Cheryl says, "Nothing relieves the stress of a long day at work than being greeted with Marley's plentiful kisses and wagging tail!" She expands that joy when she has the privilege of caring for pets whose owners entrust the Fetch! team with their fur babies while they are away. Cheryl enjoys pet visits with dogs and cats alike, having recently cared for a Momma cat and her five kittens during a long holiday weekend and again for a brief get-away.

Meet Tina!

Tina Saunders is mom and grandma to three Dachshunds, American Pit Bulls, and several rescue pups. She also owned German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers when her family was young.  Today, Tina is the Greater Toledo area's provider of boarding services for dogs of all breeds. "I love learning the unique personality of every dog I meet and welcome into my home; just like people, there are no two alike," says Tina. Together, with owner Leasa Hite, Fetch! will provide a no-cost meet-and-greet with you and your pet before providing daytime or overnight care at Tina's home, conveniently located in the Rossford, Ohio area. Your dogs will be homed with Tina's Dachshund, Rusty, and be able to roam the living area and half acre, fenced-in yard, under supervision. Fetch! Pet Care of Toledo will also provide boarding to no more than two clients at the same time, ensuring that your pets are well cared for throughout their stay, receiving playtime, feedings, and walks according to their regular routine.

Jennifer Miller, pet sitter, dog walker in Toledo, Ohio

Meet Jenn!

Jenn Miller is one of our busiest dog walkers in the Fetch! Greater Toledo service area. Ask her about Bean, Sydney, Sheila and Ursa! These are just a few of her pet friends that she has been helping to stay active and fit! Jenn also enjoys caring for cats and dogs of all ages and many sizes! Jenn has been providing pet care services locally and in Arizona since 2018. "I take great pride in caring for the health and welfare of your pets," says Jenn, emphasizing that accountability and reliability from a pet care provider is critical. When Jenn is not busy caring for our client's fur babies, she is pursuing an advanced degree in archeology.