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I recently relocated to Tucson from the San Francisco Bay Area, and that I've been pet sitting for over 15 years (since 2000). I've taken care of all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to bearded dragons, hedgehogs, and parrots. I currently have one pet, Pickle, a black and white tuxedo cat. I am available mornings, evenings and weekends to pet sit, and overnights in your home.


Hellen is available for Pet sitting, dog walking, and overnights


I was raised on a farm where animals were our way of life. They have always held a soft spot in my heart, whether domesticated or not, and they will always fascinate me. I am a fine artist/painter/sculptor, work out of my home, have no children, so boarding your pet gives you peace of mind, and helps me with my "pet fix". My pets have long gone, so taking care of yours gives me joy. Fetch! Pet Care has become an integral part of my life allowing me to stay home and create art, work my garden and be with animals. I worked for Fetch for a few years before becoming its next owner. Ken Locklin and I now own the Fetch Pet Care Franchise and operate our business out of our home. Because I can stay home, and create Art and be surrounded by animals I consider my life complete!


Working with Fetch! Pet Care is a second career for me. I retired last year after teaching for 34 years, and now I can choose what I really want to do. I volunteer at Tucson Wildlife Center, where we rehabilitate sick desert animals. At home I care for two dogs adopted from rescue organizations. It is exciting to see how both tame and wild animals have their own personalities that we humans must consider as we care for them.


I grew up in Tucson, and while growing up we always had a dog. I also had a succession of hamsters, rats and other small pets to love and care for. I now share my home with Malcolm, a Lab-mix puppy, and Kaylee, an adorable mutt, both rescued by the Humane Society. I am constantly trying to learn as much as possible so that I can be the best possible pet parent. I am excited to use my knowledge, experience and love of animals to help others care for their pets.


ken Locklin is the book keeper for Fetch. He also is married to the owner of Fetch, Jessica Mccain. Together they enjoy working with dogs, and primarily board your fury friends at their home. Large yard, lots of shade, pool. Together they work out of their home and are there to give lots of attention and love to your furry family members while you are away!


I am a native Tucsonan and growing up our family always had at least one dog. The first pet I remember we had was a retired police dog (Shepard), he was so smart and loving. I then recall we got a lab/Shepard mix named Palomo and he was the kindest, most beautiful, and loving dog ever. He got sick with parvo as a puppy and we thought he wouldn't survive,but he did, and I still remember him to this day, that was over 22yrs ago. We then had 2 toy poodles names Candy and Cokita I later bought a Red poodle and named her Gypsy. I love all dogs and cats, although I never knew what it was like having a cat until I met my husband (26 yrs ago). After we got married we had at one point 6 cats and a dog that we found hog tied while living in San Diego. We currently have 2 kids and 2 cats -1 rescued Siamese found in a dumpster and 1 adopted stray cat from a vets office. Although my cats do many things like a dog one day we would love to get a real dog. Taking care of all your wonderful pets (extended family members) makes up for the desire to have a dog right now. I am pleased to take care of your animals and make sure they feel that as well.


I am so grateful for the wonderful dogs and cats I have had over the years. Having been without any for the past 2 years I am very excited about starting a new family of kidz. I volunteer at Casa de los Gatos and am in the process of adopting 2 of their wonderful cats. I love traveling to see the more exotic animals. My favorites are the gorillas, chimps, orangutans, big cats and camels.


Sofia is available for pet visits, dog walks,