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Our large network of professional, reliable and loving dog walkers and pet sitters are available to fulfill your pet's unique needs in the following neighborhoods: Chicago


When Adam was younger he had his own small pet care service in which he took care of his friends and family's pets while they were away for holidays and vacations. Having grown up in a tight knit neighborhood his exposure to animals is very diverse. His pet sitting background led him to also dabble in some training as well. He is ready to care for your furry friend today!


If you've had the pleasure of having Adis as your pet sitter then you know what a gem she is. Not only does she have years of experience but she volunteers and fosters for a local animal rescue. Adis can admin a variety of meds including subcutaneous meds. She also has experience caring for birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and fish.


Amanda brings with her not just a lifetime of caring for her own pets but she also is a recent graduate of the Animal Behavior College. She is a volunteer at PAWS and Tree House. She is good with animals of types and sizes and would love to care for yours today!


While Amy lived in New York Amy had her own clients, she would care for pets while their owners were out of town. She also has experience with administering meds as well. She loves animals and is ready to care for your furry little guys today!


Ashley is a true animal lover! She has always had pets growing up and she adored each and every one of them. Whether it was a bunny, a hamster, a cat and of course her dogs. She currently has one dog, who is 6yrs old. She's had her since she was 6 months old.


Audrey has grown up with pets all of her life and enjoys taking care of them. She has her masters in Applied Behavior Analysis, she works with children with autism. She also hopes to foster and help train dogs in the future.


Brenna has had cats and dogs all of her life and she has taken care of friends' and her family's pets when they have gone out of town. She has experience with administering medication, including subcutaneous medication. Brenna loves horses and is experienced in equine massage therapy.


Carolyn is the owner of Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Chicago. She has had pets most of her life and is currently the owner of 3 Beagles and a Chihuahua mix (don't ask), all rescues. She opened this location with her husband Greg in November 2007. They saw a need for professional, one on one in home pet care, in the city. Something even the nicest doggy hotel isn't able to provide. She treats every pet like they were her own and does her best to make sure all of her clients are happy with their experience.


Cassandra has experience with raising cats and dogs from puppies and kittens, which includes basic obedience and potty training. She also has experience caring for exotic birds. She loves to care for animals and making sure they are comfortable and happy. Cassandra also can do private boarding in her home from time to time. She also pet sits for Carolyn (Fetch! owner from time to time). Cassandra is ready to care for yours as well.


Catherine has had cats her whole life but also has cared for family and friends dogs as well while they were away on vacation. She is capable administering medications as well. Let her care for you pets today!


Chris has lived with pets her whole life, both cats and dogs. In addition to her own pets she has also spent a lot of time caring for a family friend's pets while they were out of town on vacation. She was looking for a job that she could bring all of that experience into a professional environment and we are glad she found Fetch! She is ready to care for your furry loved ones today!


Gregory Alonzo opened Fetch! Pet Care of Chicago in 2007 with his wife and Co-owner Carolyn. He joined her in running their location fulltime in April of 2010 and together they have grown to be in the top 10 Fetch! locations in the country. He is more of a behind the scenes guy, but does a lot of the marketing and received an award from Fetch! corporate in 2013 for his efforts. Together he and Carolyn make a great team!


Jeanne has experience in caring for cats, dogs and birds. As a college student she spent a lot of time making extra money as a pet sitter and dog walker, so she brings a lot of experience to Fetch!. She can handle dogs of all sizes from Mastiffs to Pomeranians. Let her apply that experience to caring for your furry loved ones!


Jennifer has an extensive background as a veterinary assistant and receptionist. She has the ability to medicate all types of animal with pills, oral liquids, and injections. In addition, she volunteered at the Louisiana SPCA, and has been the caretaker for as many as 4 dogs at a time, and 3 cats as well. She has over 6 years of veterinary experience in caretaking for a variety of pets, including medicating, surface grooming, handling, and basic obedience training.


Jenny is a lifelong animal lover and has owned dogs, cats, birds, and fish. She has also taken care of all these types of animals for extended periods of time for family and friends. She wants to be able to spend more time with animals, which is important to her as she is not currently able to have her own pets. Like a true animal lover, she is passionate about the welfare of animals.


Kelly has cared for her own pets her whole life. She has also spent a lot of time volunteering for Tree House Humane Society for over 3 years now. Kelly has been known to find a local shelter she can spend time at while on vacation too -now that's commitment! She is also trained in administering meds including subcutaneous fluids.


Larisa has previously owned and cared for dogs, cats, and small rodents. She has also frequently volunteered at a pet shelter in the past. She is dedicated and conscientious and always puts the pets first to make sure they are being cared for as their pet parents would.


Larry has been a caregiver for eight cats and one dog over the past several years and has extensive experience with grooming, administering of medicines/shots, and structured play. He has also volunteered as a foster caregiver for two more cats through Chicago Cat Rescue and succeeded in transitioning those cats from foster care into their "forever home." He also fostered and took very good care of a dog that was diagnosed with brain cancer. He took her back and forth from surgeries in Minnesota, helped her re-learn to walk after having the brain tumor removed, and ultimately cared for her in her final days. Larry started out as a Fetch! client. Sometimes clients make the best pet sitters!


Lea is a wonderful addition to our team!
She has volunteered at The Almost Home Foundation, provided a foster home to pets in need. She has aided in rehabiliating aggressive dogs so that they are able to find their forever home. She has done extensive research and studying on dog training and is currently successfully appplying that knowledge to her cliet's pets. She is just as wonderful with cats as she is with dogs!
Lea can also administer meds.


Lindi grew up on a farm in Kentucky and has taken care of all sorts of animals. She has a ton of experience pet sitting and dog walking for family and friends and is good with lots of different breeds.


Lysandra's background is everything you want in a pet sitter! It includes several rescues, rehabilitations and rehoming for lost dogs. She's fostered dogs for a non for profit organization in the past as well. One of the fosters was a pregnant Chihuahua she rescued who gave birth to a litter of seven puppies while under her care. She has had a total of ten dogs under her care for over three months, while she assisted in the proper weaning of the litter of seven. Lysandra can provide private boarding in her home which she does frequently. She also has assisted in basic grooming. She also has experience in wound care post surgery and administering oral medication.


Maria has years of experience in caring for family and friends' pets. She has also started working with Chicago Canine Rescue and is currently fostering two pugs at her home while the rescue finds them a permanent home*. Maria can also provide private boarding in her home as well. She is happy to be with us and is ready to care for your furry friends today!
Maria turned out to be a proud foster failure and is currently Peeka and Boo's dog mom!


Michelle has had and cared for cats and dogs her whole life. Michelle also spent time volunteering for New Leash on Life, a Chicago pet rescue where she received training on how to handle dogs of all types and sizes. She can use all of that experience to care for your furry loved ones today!


Robin has years of experience in walking dogs professionally and we are glad to have her! She has also spent 4+ years working as an Animal steward and Adoption Coordinator for Red Door Animal Shelter. In addition to cats and dogs Robin also has cared for rabbits, chickens and ducks! Robin is currently a vet tech at a local animal hospital so she is capable of administering meds including subcutaneous fluids. Let her care for your furry loved ones today!


Ross has sat for many fiends and family in the city. This has included spending the night at the pet owner's apartment to feed and watch their pets as well as watching and walking dogs. He's grown up with pets his whole life, both dogs and cats, and is very comfortable around them.
He has no trouble taking care of slightly more rambunctious pets and strives to not only be efficient but also to bring patience to an assignment that may be more difficult, and a sense of play when it is appropriate.


Stephanie has been pet sitting, dog walking and volunteering at animal shelters for a long time. Not only does she have a long history of caring for cats and dogs but with guinea pigs too. She possesses all of the qualities that make a Fetch! Pet Care sitter an excellent caregiver for your pets.

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