Meet the Fetch Pet Care Downtown Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside Team

Meet Our Team

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Karen and Cameron, Pack Leaders

Welcome to our Fetch! Family of loving and experienced Dog walkers, Pet sitters and Group walk handlers who are looking forward to taking care of you and your furry family's Pet Care needs! Each one on our Team has been thoroughly background checked and interviewed personally. Once hired, we Train, License, Bond and Insure them all for your "Peace of Mind". Free Client Consultations are a must, we hope to meet your Pet Family very soon.


I'm a current sophomore at Seattle University. I've absolutely loved animals all my life and have two adorable cats back home. I'm most experienced with cats and dogs, but I'm open to taking care of pets of all shapes and sizes. I'm mainly located in Capitol Hill; however, I'm open to visiting surrounding neighborhoods as well. Can't wait to meet you and your pets!


I am an avid animal lover, and have had lots of experience with puppies and kittens, though I love animals of all ages. I have just completed my last year at Bellevue College and am planning to transfer to Renton Technical College in the fall to pursue a certification in becoming a veterinary technician. I would love to work with any animals in the Bellevue/Newcastle/Mercer Island/Kirkland area!


I love working with pets they are the best! I grew up with dogs and cats so I am familiar with taking care of domestic animals. I have done pet sitting and dog walking for the last 10 years on my own, then I moved to the Seattle area and hired by Fetch! Now I'm back in the pet sitting business after leaving teaching. I received my pet CPR/first aid card in 2018. I cover is Eastside and Downtown Seattle. I enjoy what I do and hope to meet your pet someday!


I have always loved animals I treat every animal like he or she is my own. I’m a firm believer that our animals are our best friends and the bond between human and furry friend is unbreakable. I’m ready for an outgoing bond experience with each and every Pet I'm lucky to come across.


I have been pet sitting for over 10 years now. I grew up with all sorts of animals including dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, a turtle, bearded dragon and leaf bugs. I have a ton of experience caring for people’s pets inside their home and also in my own. Currently, I have a 8 month old golden retriever puppy who loves to play with all animals, as well as a dog loving 2 year old rescue kitty. Over the years, I have gained experience giving insulin shots and also administering different types of medication as well. I am currently located in the Renton/Maple Valley area and can’t wait to help care for your pets!


I've had cats and dogs all my life, but consider myself more of a cat person. I love all animals and enjoy working with them. I was a hands-on manager of a no-kill shelter for 4 years. I have a vast knowledge of cats and dogs, so don't be afraid to ask me questions.


"Anna is a Seattle pet care provider and current senior at Seattle University. She is a passionate dog and cat lover who enjoys taking her own pets for walks and runs when she visits her home in Bend, Oregon. Anna resides in Capitol Hill but enjoys walking dogs and pet sitting throughout any of Seattle’s beautiful neighborhoods. She is active and has experience with energetic dogs in cities, like German Shorthair Pointers. "


Amira has been an animal lover for her whole life and has owned dogs for some of those years. She has experience with cats and dogs of all ages. Amira is currently a junior at UW studying speech pathology. She works for the North Seattle and Bellevue branches of Fetch! and is very excited to care for your pet(s)!


I absolutely adore animals and am very excited to meet you and your pet(s). I grew up with dogs and cats but also have experience with the rodent family. I currently live with Leon, a finnicky chihuahua mix, and Helen, an aloof young kitty cat. I have experience with dogs with separation anxiety and experience giving meds to dogs. I’m currently a (virtual) senior at The Evergreen State College, studying theatre and English language arts.


Having moved to Seattle from Italy, Barbara studied Veterinary Science while at University. She has experience with elder dog care, shy pets, puppies and with pet Insulin Shots and pet medication administering.


I am a fourth year university student and huge animal lover. I lenjoy spending time outside with animals, especially my liver-spotted Dalmatian, or just hanging out and spending quality time with a fuzzy friend. I love all animals, and am especially comfortable with large dogs and playing hide and seek with shy cats. I currently focus on the Capitol Hill and Central District neighborhoods.


I am a proud Fetch pet walker and cat sitter! I’ve had animals in my life forever. I began walking/sitting dogs, cats as well, taking care of them in a local animal shelters. After that I moved on to serving in the US Air Force where I still found opportunities working with animals in exercising the K9 dogs and working with animal shelters. I have experience in administering oral and injectable medications, canine CPR, and basic first aid. I pride myself on treating every animal I come into contact with as if they were one of my own precious fur-babies and cannot wait to help put your mind at ease knowing yours are being cared for while you are away!


I'm considered an Auntie of all animals! I have spent my entire life in the PNW and have owned many types. My favorite pastime is surrounding myself with them. Thank you for trusting me with your dog’s well-being. I know how much they mean to us! Services provided: Boarding, Doggy Daycare, Walks, Off-leash Park Excursions, Puppy Play Groups. Areas Serviced: Kirkland, Bellevue & Redmond My Husband and I live on a third of an acre, with our two sons, ages 18 and 13. We also have our 2-year-old Goldendoodle, Piper, a puppy Goldendoodle named Joon, and a 5-year-old dog-savvy cat who goes by the name Dapper Fancy Pants. We’re also home to a hamster and a couple of goldfish! I’ve been told it’s a bit like doggy Disneyland here! Outside in our backyard, we have a fully enclosed run occupied by a flock of chickens and five bunnies. I can't wait to meet you and your Pet!


Chelsea has been an animal lover her entire life. Not a day goes by where she isn’t cuddling up three pets of her own. She specializes in Bellevue/Eastside/ Mercer Island dog walking, dog running, dog hiking, and anything else that makes your puppy smile! Chelsea is also an experienced cat sitter and small animal care provider including reptile care, hamster care and bird care.


I have lived with Cats and dogs for my entire life! Over the course of living with these lovely animals I’ve learned how to care for cats with different personalities and needs, including shy and sick cats. I know how important my own pets are to me, and so I will work to insure my pet care fits the specific situations for your Pet's needs.


I'm a graduate student at Seattle University working towards a Master's in Student Development Administration. My Kitty Val, is a very sweet and cuddly camera shy black cat rescued in January of 2020. Beyond a life of living with and caring for cats, I also have experience living and caring with dogs, boarding birds and rodents as well as handling and feeding nearly a hundred exotic species.


Hello, my name is Elizabeth (Liz) I have worked as a pet sitter and walker for over 15 years with all kinds of animals. I am well versed in all canine and feline breeds. I also have knowledge of the veterinary field. I am looking forward to caring for your pets and helping you to have peace of mind while you are working or traveling!


Eric’s love for animals began with his first cat, Pumpkin, in the first grade. After experiencing the pure joy of an animal’s love, he has surrounded himself with them ever since. Eric specializes in Eastside/Bellevue dog walking and dog hiking, but is also passionate about horse care, cat sitting and small animal care (reptiles, birds and rabbits).


"I am a graduate student at Seattle University and long-time pet lover/owner. I have experience caring for all types of pets and can administer oral medications as needed. I am also very comfortable with puppies, mature adults, or shy animals. I love meeting new animals and am excited to service the Seattle area!"


I've grown up around dogs my whole life and Fetch hired me because of my skills, take on a route for dog Clients that need a ton of exercise. I'm currently serving Bellevue and taking care of some really great dogs in the surrounding neighborhoods!


Hannah has been walking and care taking for dogs and other creatures since she was young, and can’t wait to meet your pet! She provides dog walking, overnight pet sitting, cat visits, pet taxi, and more.


I have lived in homes with animals my entire life and I’ve learned to love, listen to, and care for them as well as I can. I have had the wonderful opportunity throughout my life in caring for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and helping my grandmother with her cattle. My objective with working for Fetch! Pet Care is to make sure any pet that is put under my watch feels safe, secure, and understood!


Janet recently joined Fetch! and provides West Seattle dog walking service. She is also available to be your pet taxi provider! She is an avid bicycle rider and percussionist, and enjoys outdoor pet adventures.


I grew up taking care of my dog and my bird. Animals are truly gifts, they give us so much love and joy. I love giving them give them the attention and care they deserve! I've had experience taking care of dogs (big and small), cats, and small birds throughout my years volunteering at the Humane Society, as well as caring for the lovely pets of my friends and family. I'm currently working part time in an outpatient clinic as a medical scribe.


I love being student at Seattle University working towards a Master's in Student Development Administration. In my free time, I look forward to taking care of your fur baby while I’m in the process of having my own. Since my teens, I have been the go-to, for my friends’ dogs and cats when they go on vacation. I love animals of all shapes and sizes and will take care of yours like they were my own! Can't wait to meet you!

Kimberly O.

Kimberly is a veteran Fetch! pet sitter who primarily serves clients in Bellevue and Mercer Island. Her pet care services include dog walking, cat visits, and overnights. She also has experience with special needs pets, and is a pro at administering pet medication, shots, and IV fluids.

Kimberly W.

Kimberly is a Fetch! dog walker mainly in the Bridle Trails, Medina and Bellevue areas. She also has experience with in-home pet care (including squirrels and tropical fish), and cat sitting service. In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys her four adult children, the great outdoors and providing nanny services.


I am a recent college graduate that moved from Orlando to Seattle in June of 2021. I grew up living with and caring for cats and dogs of all ages, and even rodents and reptiles! As an adult, I became the pet sitter for family and friends. I have a sweet little senior kitty named Calypso whom I rescued upon moving out here and would do anything for. I know that pets are our family and I would love to help take care of yours.


Linda is a Fetch! Transplant from So. Calif. She’s had cats as pets all her life. She had 2 cats that lived to be over 18 years old! She loves dogs too. She is available to care, walk, play and give your pet love when you go are on vacation or have to be out of town. Linda is available in the Madison Park, Capitol Hill and nearby neighborhoods.


I am a current Master's student at Seattle Pacific University and I love dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes! Growing up, I was always around dogs and have grown up with a love of all animals. In both high school and college, I worked to train puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind as a way to learn more about dog training while giving back to my community. In my free time, I love being outdoors and hiking and love to hang out with my two dogs (Career-Changed Guide Dog puppies). I am currently serving the Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Newcastle areas.


Micah is a veteran Fetch! dog walker in downtown Seattle. He specializes in dog adventures in the Montlake, Eastlake, Columbia City and Pike Place Market neighborhoods.


Hello! My name is Nick, I'm born and raised in Seattle. I'm an energetic, reliable animal lover, who is always customer focused. I grew up with miniature Schnauzers and currently have one now. I've been around dogs my whole life and I'm comfortable handling, walking, and sitting for all sizes and temperaments. Additionally, I love cats and other animals and can't wait to interact and provide a fun and loving experience for your pet! When I'm not caring for animals, I work in global risk intelligence for a start-up company and also serve in the Army National Guard. My unit is attached to a special operations unit doing intelligence. I look forward to meeting you and your pet!


I am a longtime animal lover and pet care provider in the Seattle area. I'm a recent graduate of Seattle University. I have two pet cats and enjoys taking her two dogs on long beach walks and runs. I've also owned birds, fish and small mammals. I love all types and have experience with many dog breeds, age ranges and activity levels.


Paula is a Downtown Seattle pet care aficionado for Fetch! Specializing in dog walking and cat visits, she owns several furry friends of her own. She loves hiking, volunteering and looks forward to taking your pet on a dog park adventure!


I was born and raised in SoCal where he grew up with three wonderful cats. Through his group of animal loving friends and their families, he is no stranger to a variety of fur/scale/and feathered babies and feels comfortable giving any animal the TLC they deserve. Now a resident of the PNW, I have Little Love (cat) and my newest addition Apollo.


Hi, I am a college student studying environmental science. I have been a dog owner for the better part of the last ten years and I have extensive experience taking care of cats and dogs, both my own and other's. I get to fulfill my passion for animals by taking care of pets for Fetch. It makes me truly happy to give your pet the best possible care and you can be sure that any needs you or your pet may have will be completely taken care of.


I sincerely enjoy caring for pets. I have had a family dog growing up and was very bonded. Recently I got my own dog an English bulldog named Peaches. I have helped take care of my friend’s dogs over the years. I love getting to know all pets. I have fed animals, gave animals medicine, and provide comfort to animals. I make sure all their needs are met. I am a very active person, so I make sure all the dogs went on walks to stay happy and healthy. I love cats too. And they love me! I have many years of experience caring for cats. I play with cats and give cats lots of attention. Additionally, I clean up their litter boxes. I make sure all cats are took care of. Please help me fill my cat-void and let me take care of your furry friend.


Roy is a semi-retired veteran with a love for taking care of family and pets. He loves acting, film production and is active and ready to be your Montlake Area, Capitol Hill or Seattle area dog walker.


My name is Rufina and I devote my whole life to animals. I was a volunteer at an animal shelter and thanks to this I am able to give medicine, cut claws, wash and comb animals, and make bandages. I have a cat and a dog which I brought with me from Russia. I am a psychologist by education and took a course in zoo psychology, so I understand the behavior of animals well. It's a dream job to communicate with animals. I love absolutely all breeds and sizes of dogs, I have experience of dealing with shy animals. Cats for me, as an essential part of my life, I don’t remember a day without cats. I have experience with turtles, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs and small birds.


I love spending time with animals. I grew up with a pit-bull terrier and lived with cats, but I currently have a beautiful husky mix! I volunteered at several animal shelters when I was in the military, and now I enjoy taking dogs on all kinds of runs, hikes, and walks. I have always loved taking care of dogs and cats because I want to show them the amount of love that they show me. No matter what the needs of the pet are, I always make sure that they are well taken care of.


I enjoy being a student at Seattle University in the master’s program, Student Development Administration. I have been an animal lover all my life. I was raised with animals ever since I was a kid. I was raised around lots of animals, ranging from horses, goats, and cows, to bunnies, cats, dogs, and birds. They have a special place in my heart. I have a chihuahua Pomeranian mix. I look forward to taking care of your Dog or Cat and showing all the love and care that I would with my own pets.


Stacia has left her career in veterinary medicine after 6 years to care for animals in their own homes. She specializes in caring for elderly or special needs animals who require special attention. She loves walks and snuggles and is especially capable to handle fractious cats or give oral, topical, and injectable medications


I am a cat owner of two that are my like my children I absolutely adore them. I also grew up around big and small dogs to hamsters, bunnies, chicken, cows, horses and fishes. I’ve gotten to pet sit from young to old, that brought me to be very confident at injecting medication for the older ones as well as taking care of spayed and neutered cats. I have been with dogs that also have high anxiety that need lots of patience and comforting to gain trust. Dogs and cats are not just pets they’re family members so its highly important to me for your pet to be taken care of.


Sydney is very passionate about animals and loves unlimited snuggles. She is a recent Washington State University graduate who studied Psychology and did a lot of volunteering at humane societies while attending. Volunteering at the humane societies has helped me expand my compassion for animals and could not imagine herself with out them. Sydney is a dog walker and cat sitter in the Eastside/Downtown Bellevue area who is also willing to sit for rabbits and Guinea pigs.


Taylor loves animals starting with his first Black Lab named Duke. He has an affinity for Cats too. Love birds, fish, hamsters and gerbils, never met a Pet he didn't love.


I have a playful, fun loving husky and I am a college student currently. I like the feeling of being around animals. I often take my dogs to go hiking or camping, and they like it very much. If you are willing to entrust your pets to me, then I will do my best to make them have a happy experience.

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