Meet the Fetch Pet Care Raleigh Team

Meet Our Team

Browse the pictures and profiles of our professional, reliable, and loving pet sitting and dog walking team!


Throughout her life, Crystal has owned dogs, cats, hamsters, chinchillas, and fish. Her current pets include Macy (a four-year-old chocolate lab), Nash (an eight-year-old rat terrier mix), Ashe (a seven-year-old cat), and Houdini (a one-year-old hamster). Many of her pets have been rescues or strays. Crystal has a BA in English from Meredith College, has been happily married for 17 years, and is currently a stay-at-home mom to her 14-year-old son, Michael, and his furry siblings. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family and furry children, and volunteering for her son’s school as the Treasurer of the PVA.


Growing up Chelsea has owned cats, dogs, bunnies, and fish. She is comfortable with any pet, whether they are furry, scaly, slimy, or have many legs! Currently, she is cat mom to 3 fur babies, named Sonja, Xena, and Octavia. She also has too many fish to count. In the past, Chelsea has fostered with Purr Partners Feline Rescue, and continues to support them however she can. She loves spending time with her own cats, but also loves to see the farm animals at her mother’s house including donkeys, a cow, chickens, turkeys, cats, and dogs. Working with Fetch! Is a great opportunity for Chelsea to make many more animal friends, and she always looks forward to meeting the humans that own them. In her spare time, Chelsea loves to read, as well as be outside and spend time with her family. One of her favorite pastimes is going to concerts and musicals. Cats the musical is a definite favorite!


Ajae has been around pets and other animals most of his life and enjoys spending time with them. This is his dog Marley whom he has had the pleasure of calling his son for the past 6 years. He loves him to death and would do anything to keep him safe, happy and healthy. Most people have a negative outlook towards pits and other aggressive breeds but Ajae finds them to be the most adorable and loving companions anyone could ask for. Ajae's pet care experience includes administering pills, applying topical sprays for skin related illnesses, and grooming. When he's not working or taking care of Marley he likes to make music via computer software, play video games casually, and spend time with family.


Throughout her life, Diamond has owned many kinds of dogs. Her most recent dog, Zeus, loves snuggling together, playing all day long, and going for walks to chase after squirrels. Her animal experience includes giving dogs medicine, cleaning up after any type of mess and watching after challenging furry animals. Diamond enjoys spending time outside with her furry friends, playing games, watching cartoons, and listening to music. She enjoys spending time with Zeus, and her roommate’s cat, Neptune. She loves working for Fetch! because she has a great schedule and looks forward to seeing her clients pets every day. Diamond is a furry animal sitter, dog walker and offers personalized boarding in her home.


Anna has had a love of animals from a very early age. She bought food for the cats that lived in her family barn with her allowance money. She has always had at least one dog - typically corgis and australian shepherds - and currently has two corgis. Anna also has two horses and really enjoys riding and caring for them. When Anna is not caring for animals or working with Fetch! clients, she enjoying baking, reading and cycling.


Lindsey has been working with pets for around 5 years now. She watched her neighbor's pets through all of her schooling. She is a recent business student and is running a fragrance business. She has had all different kinds of fish & just recently got a new adult cat! She loves being around all kinds of animals, walking, playing and just having fun with them.


Benjamin has had dogs or cats throughout his life and has always loved animals. His most recent dog, Spurgeon is a service dog. They can be spotted together in the house or out and about in public. Benjamin is a retired military veteran who served overseas several times and at times worked with military working dogs and their handlers. Benjamin enjoys spending time hanging out with his family and looks forward to seeing his clients' dogs and cats every day. Benjamin is a licensed and ordained Pastor and Chaplain so ministry is a passion of his. He also enjoys reading, taking trips (the most recent one was to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, and of course, Spurgeon went too), spending time with his family, watching movies, listening to music, and watching sports.


Meet Xphediyah! She is a young and active pet sitter/dog walker. She started her experience with animals about 3 years ago. She worked in a retail pet store and has worked with dogs, cats, even birds and hamsters. After that she gravitated towards pet sitting, connecting with clients and also being very entertaining! Xphediyah is also a musician and a entrepreneur. She loves to produce music to keep her client's pet in a dynamic energy always! She loves being a boss herself and is doing some affiliate marketing. She loves to take her pets on adventures with traveling to parks, walking, playing, sleeping etc.!


Rachel has always been an animal lover, and knew working for a pet company would be her dream job. She currently has two dogs: Opie and Selah. Her in-laws are deaf, so she knows ASL and can be useful in situations where hearing impaired dogs respond to signs. Her personal time often includes snuggling her fur babies, camping and adventuring, training at the gym, eating breakfast food, painting custom colorful dog paintings for people and event planning for her church. Rachel loves working for Fetch! because she gets the chance to work with dogs, can often take Opie to events, and her coworkers and supervisors are welcoming like friends and family.